Adaptive Reuse definition

Adaptive Reuse means a proposed development that will be repurposed from what it was originally built and designed for. Except where stated otherwise, rehabilitation requirements in Threshold apply to Adaptive Reuse projects.
Adaptive Reuse means the conversion of an existing structure from the use for which
Adaptive Reuse means the conversion of an existing non-housing building or structure to multi- family residential rental housing or the reconstruction of existing housing that has become functionally obsolete, as determined by MaineHousing.

Examples of Adaptive Reuse in a sentence

  • Adaptive reuse of the Preparation Lab area for office space will entail installation of additional power and telephone outlets.

More Definitions of Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive Reuse means the retrofitting and repurposing of existing buildings that create new Qualified Residential Rental Project units for the market, and expressly excludes any Project that involves rehabilitation or any construction affecting existing residential rental units.
Adaptive Reuse means the conversion of an existing structure from the use for which it was constructed to a new use by maintaining elements of the structure and adapting such elements to a new use.
Adaptive Reuse means the conversion of existing non-housing buildings or structures to multi-family residential rental housing.
Adaptive Reuse means the alteration of an existing building on a Protected Heritage Property for compliance of its continuing or resumed use(s) with current Building Code requirements; or, for compliance of its proposed new use(s) with current building code requirements; or, for ensuring its structural integrity; or for optimizing its continued, resumed or new use(s); while maintaining the cultural heritage value or interests of the subject building; and in compliance with the conditions of any Heritage Permit required for the subject alterations.
Adaptive Reuse meansthe renovation and reuse of pre-existing structures for new purposes
Adaptive Reuse. - means the development of a new use for a historic structure.
Adaptive Reuse means the modification, to accommodate a