Gross household income definition

Gross household income means gross income of a household as those terms are defined in rules of the authority.
Gross household income means all income received by all individuals of a household while they are members of the household.
Gross household income means all income received by all individuals of a household while they

Examples of Gross household income in a sentence

  • The monthly charge so determined shall be subject to change to reflect increases or decreases in the Household’s Gross Household Income and composition, as reported to the Housing Provider in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Monitoring and analysis of the Gross Household Income of the Housing Providers' Assisted Households will be completed annually and may include, but may not be limited to, the use of CMHC's Housing Income Limits3.

  • Occupants (defined above) pay Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) Housing Charges based on a range of twenty-five percent (25%) to thirty percent (30%) of their total Gross Household Income (as defined in Schedule “E”).

  • The calculation of the Initial Amount of Rental Assistance is based on information provided in the Annex and takes into account the Gross Household Income.

  • If the Guaranteed Rental Assistance Amount is insufficient to bridge the gap between the applicable Occupancy Charges and the charges payable by Assisted Households, assuming a Rent-Geared-to- Income ratio of thirty per cent (30%) of Gross Household Income, the Guaranteed Rental Assistance Amount will be revised based on recent calculation worksheets submitted by the Housing Provider and based on a review by CMHC or its representative of the calculation worksheets submitted by the Housing Providers.

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Gross household income means all earned and unearned income, including lump sum payments received by a household during the calendar month preceding the month of application.
Gross household income means the aggregate income of:
Gross household income means the gross amount of income of every type, regardless of the source, received by all persons occupying the same household, whether such income was taxable or nontaxable for federal or state income tax purposes, including pensions, annuities, federal Social Security, unemployment payments, veterans' disability compensation, public assistance payments, alimony, support money, workers' compensation, loss-of-time insurance payments, capital gains and any other type of income received, and excluding gifts; and
Gross household income means the combined Income, as defined in this Schedule “E”, of every Occupant residing in an Assisted Housing Unit.
Gross household income means the sum of the incomes of the appli-
Gross household income means the total monies earned or received by all members of a household age 18 and over, including: wages and all types of compensation, before any payroll deductions; spousal and child support; social security, retirement, disability, insurance, and other types of periodic payments; unemployment compensation and other payments in-lieu of earnings; welfare and other public assistance; interest, dividends and other payments generated from any real or personal property; net business income; and, any other type of payment determined to qualify as income by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and as published in the HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher Program Guidebook. The annual gross household income is calculated by multiplying the monthly amounts earned or received at the time of certification by 12 and adjusting for anticipated payments and changes in amounts over the next 12 months.
Gross household income shall have the meaning given in Schedule “E” of this Agreement.