Prohibited Waste definition

Prohibited Waste means prohibited waste as defined in Schedule “D” to this Bylaw.
Prohibited Waste means matter prohibited from entering the Sewerage System as set out in Appendix A;
Prohibited Waste means a waste prohibited from discharge to the POTW except in accordance with these regulations.

Examples of Prohibited Waste in a sentence

  • Prohibited Waste Types Household waste that comprises hazardous waste or waste electrical and electronic equipment shall not be placed in an appropriate waste container for kerbside collection.

  • The impact of the policy across (a) different income levels and (b) users of different age.exception in the industry, not a norm.

  • No person shall deposit or attempt to deposit Prohibited Waste at a Waste Management Facility.

  • Prohibited Waste is subject to the regulations set out in Schedule “E”.

  • In accordance with the 2013 Metropolitan Council Environmental Services Waste Discharge Rules, Prohibited Waste Discharges, section 406.21, directly disposing of any more than incidental amounts of food and Food Scraps through the public sewer system to avoid off-site disposal is prohibited and is not compliant with this Ordinance.

More Definitions of Prohibited Waste

Prohibited Waste means prohibited waste as defined in Schedule ‘A’ of this Bylaw.
Prohibited Waste means gaseous, liquid and Solid Waste not acceptable for burial or Disposal at a Refuse Disposal Facility as identified in Schedule E attached hereto.
Prohibited Waste means Class “A” Prohibited Waste, Class “B” Prohibited Waste and Class “C” Prohibited Waste;
Prohibited Waste means solid waste that is not acceptable at the Landfill Site and shall include those wastes outlined in Schedule “B” attached to and forming part of this Bylaw;
Prohibited Waste means those substances set out in Schedule B to this bylaw. “restricted waste” means those substances set out in Schedule C to this bylaw.
Prohibited Waste means material designated as prohibited waste in Schedule A;
Prohibited Waste means waste collected by a grab or composite sample and determined to be: