Composite sample definition

Composite sample means a combination of individual samples of wastewater taken at 1 hour intervals, for eight (8) hours (or for the duration of discharge, whichever is less), to minimize the effect of variability of the individual samples. Individual samples must be of equal volume. (Example: one (1) liter per hour.)
Composite sample means a sample that consists of two or more discrete aliquots. Composite samples must be flow proportioned. The composite sample must, as a minimum, contain at least four (4) samples collected over the compositing period. Unless otherwise specified, the time between the collection of the first sample and the last sample must not be less than six (6) hours nor more than 24 hours. Acceptable methods for preparation of composite samples are as follows:
Composite sample means a sample of waste which is composed of equivalent portions of a specified number of grab samples collected manually or automatically at the same sampling point, at specified times or flow intervals during a specified sampling period.

Examples of Composite sample in a sentence

  • Composite Sample: A composite sample should contain a minimum of eight (8) discrete samples taken at equal time intervals over the compositing period or proportional to the flow rate over the compositing period.

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Composite sample means the sample resulting from the combination of individual wastewater samples taken at selected intervals based on an increment of either flow or time.
Composite sample means a sample in which more than one source is sampled individually by the water system and then composited by a certified laboratory by mixing equal parts of water from each source (up to five different sources) and then analyzed as a single sample.
Composite sample means a volume of sewage, storm water, uncontaminated water, or effluent made up of three or more grab samples that have been combined automatically or manually and taken at intervals during the sampling periods;
Composite sample means the collection of more than one sample of the same medium (e.g., dust, soil, or paint) from the same type of surface (e.g., floor, interior windowsill, or window trough) such that multiple samples can be analyzed as a single sample.
Composite sample means a series of individual samples, collected on a flow or time proportional basis, taken at regular intervals over a specific time period and combined into a single sample (formed either by continuous sampling or by mixing discrete samples) representative of the average stream during the sampling period. For categorical sampling, a composite sample shall consist of at least four (4) individual samples taken within a 24-hour period.
Composite sample means a combined sample that is formed by combining a series of individual discrete samples of specific volumes at specific intervals. Samples must be collected during the first 3 hours of the stormwater discharge or for the entire discharge if it is less than 3 hours. The composite sample must be flow-weighted using a continuous sampler, or it must be taken as a combination of a minimum of 3 sample aliquots, taken in each hour of discharge, with each aliquot being separated by a minimum of 15 minutes, and with each aliquot volume being proportional to the flow at the time of the sampling.
Composite sample means a volume of Sewage, Stormwater or Uncontaminated Water made up of three or more Grab Samples that have been combined automatically or manually and taken at regular intervals during the sampling periods;