Preliminary inquiry definition

Preliminary inquiry or "intake" means a mandatory, preadjudicatory interview of the juvenile and, if available, the parents, legal guardian, or other custodian of the juvenile, which is performed by a duly authorized individual to determine whether a juvenile comes within the purview of the Oklahoma Juvenile Code, whether nonadjudicatory alternatives are available and appropriate, and if the filing of a petition is necessary;
Preliminary inquiry means an inquiry conducted under this Act;
Preliminary inquiry or "intake" means a mandatory,

Examples of Preliminary inquiry in a sentence

  • Preliminary inquiry should be made to the appropriate program before preparing a proposal for submission.

  • A student who has a GPA between 1.7 and 1.99 at the end of the first semester, is required to take a series of academic support workshops during their second semester.

  • Preliminary inquiry found the report has not been submitted for approval.

  • Anti-Huthi resistance is strongest in Shafai areas, including the southern and central portions of northern Yemen, and in former South Yemen.11 Yemenis from Shafai areas routinely invoke this historic divide, arguing that these areas are less amendable to Huthi influ- ence and will aggressively resist their expansion.12Moreover, a previously absent Shiite-Sunni narrative is creeping into how Yeme- nis describe their fight.

  • For each BVA competition, such certificate is presented during the Preliminary inquiry.

More Definitions of Preliminary inquiry

Preliminary inquiry means an inquiry into a criminal charge held by a subordinate court with a view to the committal of the accused person for trial before the High Court;
Preliminary inquiry means a proceeding undertaken by the Committee following the receipt of a complaint from a Representative about misconduct to determine whether there is substantial credible evidence that provides substantial cause for the Committee to conclude that a violation within the jurisdiction of the Committee has occurred.
Preliminary inquiry means a preliminary inquiry referred to in section 17(4)(a) or 20(5)(a);
Preliminary inquiry means an inquiry into a criminal charge conducted by a Summary Court under this Code, with a view to the committal of an accused person for trial before the Grand Court;
Preliminary inquiry means the process established by the Rules of Juvenile Practice and Procedure that is used to commence proceedings and to resolve complaints by excluding certain matters from juvenile court at their inception;
Preliminary inquiry means an assessment and determination as to whether there is sufficient information to proceed with an investigation of abuse or neglect of a child or an investigation of failure to protect by the person responsible for the child when there are allegations of abuse or neglect;
Preliminary inquiry means an inquiry referred to in Chapter 7; "prescribed" means prescribed by regulation made under section 97;