Definition of PRC Laws

PRC Laws means all laws, regulations, statutes, rules, decrees, guidelines, notices, and supreme court's judicial interpretations currently in force and publicly available in the PRC as of the date hereof.
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Examples of PRC Laws in a sentence

The Company shall use its commercially best efforts to procure any of its Subsidiaries engaged in internet news release and/or internet publication business to obtain the Internet News Information Service License (Hu Lian Wang Xin Wen Xin Xi Fu Wu Xu Ke Zheng ) and Internet Publication License (Hu Lian Wang Chu Ban Xu Ke Zheng ) for its Subsidiaries in accordance with the then applicable PRC Laws.
Any other matters unmentioned hereof shall be subject to PRC Laws.
The execution, validity, construction, enforcement and the settlement of any disputes herefrom shall be governed by PRC Laws.
This opinion is issued based on our understanding of the current PRC Laws.
This opinion relates to the PRC Laws in effect on the date hereof and there is no assurance that any of such laws will not be changed, amended or replaced in the immediate future or in the longer term with or without retrospective effect.