Definition of Pounds Sold

Pounds Sold means the amount of XGnP, calculated in terms of standard U.S. avoirdupois pounds, sold or otherwise distributed in exchange for monetary or other remuneration by the Licensee or its subsidiaries. It is understood that one way in which the Licensee intends to distribute XGnP is as part of other products that will consist of a mixture of materials, only one of which might be XGnP. In such a case, the actual amount of XGnP included in the final product will be calculated on the basis of the product formula or other engineering data, and not the total weight of the final product. Pounds sold does not include sample materials supplied at no charge to prospective customers, research institutions, or other organizations for evaluation purposes;
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Examples of Pounds Sold in a sentence

The identity of each dairy farm, included in the rating, and the total pounds of milk sold daily, expressed to the nearest 100 pound unit (cwt.), are entered in the first, "Name of Dairy Farm", and second, "Pounds Sold Daily (100# Units)", columns, respectively, of FORM FDA 2359k-STATUS OF RAW MILK FOR PASTEURIZATION, ULTRA-PASTEURIZATION, ASEPTIC PROCESSING AND PACKAGING OR RETORT PROCESSED AFTER PACKAGING ...