Pound definition

Pound means the lawful currency of the United Kingdom;
Pound means an avoirdupois pound.
Pound means an establishment for the confinement of dogs or

Examples of Pound in a sentence

  • Indicate the rate(s )of exchange against the appropriate currency in the table below: CurrencyRates of exchangeUS Dollar Pound Sterling Euro Yen Other NB: Bidders must submit proof of the SARB rate (s) of exchange used.

  • During the period under review, the Naira depreciated against the dollar at both the DAS/WDAS and IFEM by 0.95 percent and 0.66 percent respectively on year on year basis while at the BDC the Naira appreciated by 0.54 percent (Table 3.32).In terms of Euro, Pound Sterling and CFAFr, the Naira appreciated against the CFAFr by 5.36 percent, Euro by 4.32, and Pound Sterling by 0.56 percent on year on year basis in 2010.

  • Moved by: Seconded by: Be it resolved that the Municipal Dog Pound Board approves the Agenda for the January 25, 2024 Municipal Dog Pound Board Meeting as circulated.

  • Be it resolved that the Municipal Dog Pound Board accept the Pound Keepers Reports for October, November, and December 2023 as prepared and circulated.

  • During the period from 1885 to 2011 the value of the Pound has changed dramatically.

More Definitions of Pound

Pound. , in relation to money, shall mean pound sterling;
Pound means the lawful currency of the United Kingdom.
Pound and “£” means British pound sterling or if England changes its currency during the Term, then a sum equivalent in the new currency based on the spot exchange rate at the date of adoption of the new currency.
Pound means 16 ounces avoirdupois.
Pound means the building or enclosure designated as a Pound by the Regional District.