Pounds definition

Pounds means the lawful currency of the United Kingdom.
Pounds. “Pxxxx” and “£” shall refer to the lawful currency of England.
Pounds or “£” or “Pounds Sterling”: the lawful currency of the United Kingdom.

Examples of Pounds in a sentence

  • Prices should be quoted in Pounds Sterling (£) and be exclusive of any VAT which may be chargeable.

  • Valuation and market commentsThree Hundred and Forty Thousand Pounds, £340,000.

  • Class L Class Y (which are currently only available in the TM Stonehage Fleming AIM Fund, TM Stonehage Fleming Opportunities Fund and TM Stonehage Fleming International Fund) Base Currency: Pounds Sterling Current Preliminary Charge:5% of the price of a Share (or approximately 4.8% when calculated based on the amount invested).

  • The first one is the X-ray irradiation of an ac- cretion disc: all radio-quiet AGN are known to be strongly vari- able in X-ray band (e.g. Mushotzky, Done & Pounds 1993; Uttley, McHardy & Papadakis 2002; Markowitz & Edelson 2004) so the re- processing of the variable X-ray flux is likely to lead to some optical variability, and the phenomenon is well known at longer time-scales (Rokaki, Collin-Souffrin & Magnan 1993; Gaskell 2006).

  • The financial statements are presented in Pounds Sterling, which is the Company’s functional and presentation currency rounded to the nearest £’000 or as stated otherwise.

More Definitions of Pounds

Pounds. “Pxxxx” and “£” 5 Section 1.28 “Pre-Release Transaction” 5 Section 1.29 “Principal Office” 5 Section 1.30 “Registrar” 5 Section 1.31 “Restricted Securities” 5 Section 1.32 “Restricted ADR(s)”, “Restricted ADS(s)” and “Restricted Shares” 6 Section 1.33 “Securities Act” 6 Section 1.34 “Share Registrar” 6 Section 1.35 “Shares” 6 Section 1.36 “Uncertificated ADS(s)” 6 Section 1.37 “United States” and “U.S.” 6
Pounds. “GBP” or “£” shall mean lawful money of the United Kingdom.
Pounds or “£” or “Pound Sterling” shall mean the lawful money of the United Kingdom.
Pounds sterling denotes the lawful currency for the time being of the United Kingdom.
Pounds and the sign “£” mean lawful money of the United Kingdom.
Pounds. “GBP” or “£” is a reference to the official currency of the United Kingdom;