Definition of Post-Tax Contributions

Post-Tax Contributions means, for each Member, the contributions made by him as provided in Section 3.3.

Examples of Post-Tax Contributions in a sentence

Such a Participant may withdraw up to the entire balance from his or her Post-Tax Contributions Account at any time.
Certain Participants whose benefits were transferred to this Plan may, however, have a Post-Tax Contributions Account under this Plan.
This two year/five year requirement will be removed from the Plan and Participants will be permitted to make withdrawals from their Rollover Accounts without regard to their service or their participation under the Plan, as soon as administratively feasible after the Internal Revenue Service issues a favorable determination letter with respect to this Plan document, which favorable determination letter is dated after June 1997 9.03 Post-Tax Contributions.
Excess Matching Contributions and Post-Tax Contributions which are returned to Highly Compensated Employees pursuant to this Section 4.16 shall be distributed to such Employees as soon as practicable, without regard to any limitation otherwise imposed by law or by the provisions of this Plan.
A Participant may prospectively change his rate of Post-Tax Contributions and/or Pre-Tax Contributions to a percentage provided under Sections 5.01 and 5.02, respectively, at such times and in such manner as the Committee shall prescribe.