Definition of Post-Retirement Spouse

Post-Retirement Spouse means, subject to the requirements for registration under the Act and Revenue Rules, (a) if there is no person described in Section (b), a person who was married to the Pensioner for at least one (1) year immediately prior to the date of the death of the Pensioner, or (b) a person who was publicly represented by the Pensioner as a spouse of the Pensioner and cohabited with the Pensioner in a conjugal relationship immediately prior to the date of death of the Pensioner for at least one (1) year, if the Pensioner and that person were free to marry, or at least three (3) years, if either of them was not free to marry the other. 2.42 Regulations

Examples of Post-Retirement Spouse in a sentence

Canadian Pacific Railway Company Supplemental Retirement PlanEffective January 1, 2011 Page 23(c)Where a Member retires or ceases to be a Member, the Company shall give to that Member and to the Spouse or Post-Retirement Spouse (and, in the case of the Member's death, to the Member's estate) a written statement of the Member's pension benefits and other benefits payable under the Supplemental Plan, within thirty (30) days after the Retirement Date or the Date of Cessation of Membership, as the case may be.