Definition of Pool Information

Pool Information means the mortgage pool information reflected in the Master Tapes and the Prospectus. "Master Tapes" shall mean the respective compilations of information and data regarding the Mortgage Loans covered by the Independent Accountants' Reports on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures dated August 1, 2016 and August 15, 2016, respectively, rendered by a third party accounting firm described in Section 6(i) of this Agreement.

Examples of Pool Information in a sentence

Such Static Pool Information for each vintage origination year or prior securitized pool, as applicable, shall be presented in increments no less frequently than quarterly over the life of the mortgage loans included in the vintage origination year or prior securitized pool.
The most recent periodic increment must be as of a date no later than 135 days prior to the date of the prospectus or other offering document in which the Static Pool Information is to be included or incorporated by reference.
As used herein with respect to any Free Writing Prospectus, "Pool Information" shall mean the information with respect to the characteristics of the Mortgage Loans and administrative and servicing fees, as provided by or on behalf of the Depositor to the Underwriter at the time most recent to the date of such Free Writing Prospectus.
The Static Pool Information shall be provided in an electronic format that provides a permanent record of the information provided, such as a portable document format (pdf) file, or other such electronic format reasonably required by the Purchaser or the Depositor, as applicable.
The content of such Static Pool Information may be in the form customarily provided by the Company, and need not be customized for the Purchaser or any Depositor.