Pool B definition

Pool B means the Contracts identified on the Contract Schedule as constituting Pool B and the other Trust Property related thereto.
Pool B means shares of Common Stock purchased or issued by Apogee in the Participant’s name, which shares in number shall be equal to the number of shares resulting from and computed pursuant to Participant’s election to defer under Pool A. Pool B shares so issued are and shall be designated as “Restricted Stock”.

Examples of Pool B in a sentence

  • Council is party to an Industry Defined Benefit Plan under the Local Government Superannuation Scheme, named The Local Government Superannuation Scheme – Pool B (the Scheme) which is a defined benefit plan that has been deemed to be a ‘multi-employer fund’ for purposes of AASB119 Employee Benefits for the following reasons: – Assets are not segregated within the sub-group according to the employees of each sponsoring employer.

  • The draw for the semifinals is:Pool A winner versus Pool B runner up.

  • Top two players from each pool progress to the semi-finals with the winner of Pool A fighting the runner-up from Pool B and the winner of Pool B fighting the runner-up from Pool A.

  • Some, however, have several separate reef reservoirs designated as Pool A, Pool B and so on.

  • Pursuant to their respective Pool B Performance Award Agreements, Messrs.

  • PPUnder a consistent specification, property may be violated only if at least one of the components violates its specification.

  • You rent the vehicle in Your name, and charge the entire cost of the rental vehicle to Your Sunova Mastercard.Rental vehicles which are part of a Car Sharing program are eligible for this Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage coverage if the entire cost of the rental vehicle has been charged to Your Sunova Mastercard and all other eligibility requirements were met.

  • The Administration shall notify each eligible bargaining-unit member of the amount of his/her award and how much of the award comes from Pool A and from Pool B.

  • Step 2: The gateway forwards the agent’s unsatisfied request to Condor Pool B.

  • Pool B is comprised of both teams from the Host Province and all remaining teams.

More Definitions of Pool B

Pool B means the aggregated Participating Eligible Admitted Claims where each such Participating Eligible Admitted Claim has an Admitted Claim Value of more than £18,000,000.00;
Pool B means the segregated pool of Mortgage Loans assigned to Pool B as indicated on the Mortgage Loan Schedule (as amended from time to time).
Pool B means with respect to each Offer those Loans secured by a Mortgage which represents a second lien.
Pool B means all Receivables, Contracts, Related Security, Collections, and other proceeds and books and records with respect to the foregoing arising under the business designations set forth with respect to Pool B on Schedule II (as such schedule may be amended from time to time pursuant to the terms hereof).
Pool B means shares of Common Stock purchased or issued by

Related to Pool B

  • Pool Balance means, as of any date, the aggregate Principal Balance of the Receivables (exclusive of all Administrative Receivables for which the Servicer has paid the Administrative Purchase Payment, Warranty Receivables for which the Seller has paid the Warranty Purchase Payment and Defaulted Receivables) as of the close of business on such date.

  • Pool means a voluntary arrangement, established on an ongoing basis, pursuant to which two or more insurers participate in the sharing of risks on a predetermined basis. The pool may operate through an association, syndicate, or other pooling agreement.

  • Asset Pool means a pool of cash-flow generating assets in which an issuer of a securitized product has a direct or indirect ownership or security interest;

  • Securitization Asset means (a) any accounts receivable, mortgage receivables, loan receivables, royalty, franchise fee, license fee, patent or other revenue streams and other rights to payment or related assets and the proceeds thereof and (b) all collateral securing such receivable or asset, all contracts and contract rights, guarantees or other obligations in respect of such receivable or asset, lockbox accounts and records with respect to such account or asset and any other assets customarily transferred (or in respect of which security interests are customarily granted) together with accounts or assets in connection with a securitization, factoring or receivable sale transaction.

  • Portfolio Asset means an asset of an investment fund;

  • Investment pool means an entity created under the Texas Gov- ernment Code to invest public funds jointly on behalf of the entities that participate in the pool and whose investment objectives in or- der of priority are preservation and safety of principal, liquidity, and yield.

  • Securitization Assets means any accounts receivable or other revenue streams subject to a Qualified Securitization Financing.