Planning Board definition

Planning Board means the Planning Board of the University;
Planning Board means the municipal planning board established pursuant to section 14 of P.L.1975, c.291 (C.40:55D-23).
Planning Board means the agency designated by the governing body of the municipality which is chiefly responsible for planning in the municipality; and, if no separate agency exists, "planning board" means the governing body of the municipality.

Examples of Planning Board in a sentence

  • It shall be a finding of the Planning Board, not subject to dispute by the applicant, whether a requested amendment is deemed to be major or minor.

  • Should such a benefit be proposed, the Planning Board has the discretion to weigh the benefits provided by such a system against any requests for relief from identified detrimental impact, as long as said relief does not require a variance.

  • The Planning Board may require that the applicant specify the time within which such construction shall be completed.

  • Minor amendments may be made by a majority vote of the Planning Board.

  • Any fencing exceeding six feet in height shall, in accordance with § 125-38, Subsection A, of this chapter be subject to the requirement for issuance of an additional special use permit by the Planning Board.

More Definitions of Planning Board

Planning Board means the duly appointed Planning Board of the Town of Campton.
Planning Board or "commission" means the body established by a municipality or
Planning Board means the municipal planning board
Planning Board means a planning board established under section 9 or 10 of the
Planning Board means a city planning board, a county planning board, or a joint city-county planning board.
Planning Board means the Virginia Health Planning Board.