Placement definition

Placement shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2(c).
Placement means the arrangement for the care of a child in a family free or boarding home or in a child-caring agency or institution but does not include any institution caring for the mentally ill, mentally defective, or epileptic or any institution primarily educational in character, and any hospital or other medical facility.
Placement means the location of a specific place where health services can be adequately provided to meet the service needs.

Examples of Placement in a sentence

  • Any Equity Securities issued under the 10% Placement Facility must be in the same class as an existing quoted class of Equity Securities of the Company.

  • The Company’s allocation policy is dependent on the prevailing market conditions at the time of any proposed issue pursuant to the 10% Placement Facility.

  • The Company will only issue and allot the Equity Securities during the 10% Placement Period.

  • The ability to issue Equity Securities under the 10% Placement Facility is subject to shareholder approval by way of a special resolution at an annual general meeting.

  • This includes a) provision of support services for students enrolled in the Binnacle program requiring language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assistance; and b) the provision of adequate physical (facilities and equipment) resources and human resources [qualified trainer/assessor(s)] for the nominated training product(s) on behalf of, and in the name of, Binnacle Training as the RTO.Work Placement Requirement.

More Definitions of Placement

Placement. ’ means the placement, by an adoption agency, of a child with an employee for adoption.
Placement means the act by a public or private child-placing agency intended to arrange for the care or custody of a child in another state.
Placement means the placement, by an adoption agency, of a child with an employee for adoption. "Partner" means a spouse or de facto partner
Placement has the meaning given thereto in Section 2(a) hereof;
Placement means educational placement, not social service placement by a state agency.
Placement or "to place" means selection of an adoptive parent for a child and transfer of physical custody of the child to a prospective adoptive parent according to this chapter.
Placement or “Placed for Adoption” means the assumption and retention of a legal obligation for total or partial support of a child by a person with whom the child has been placed in anticipation of the child’s adoption. The child’s placement for adoption with such person ends upon the termination of such legal obligation.