Perpetual care definition

Perpetual care or "endowed‑care" means the maintenance and care of all places where interments have been made of the trees, shrubs, roads, streets and other improvements and embellishments contained within or forming a part of the cemetery. This shall not include the maintenance or repair of monuments, tombs, copings or other man‑made ornaments as associated with individual burial spaces.
Perpetual care or "endowed-care" means the maintenance and care

Examples of Perpetual care in a sentence

  • Usually a fee for Perpetual care or Endowment Care is a premium charged and deposited into a separate trust.

More Definitions of Perpetual care

Perpetual care or "endowed care" means the maintenance
Perpetual care or "endowment care" means the maintenance, repair, and care of all places in the cemetery.
Perpetual care means the maintenance and the reasonable administration of the cemetery grounds and buildings in keeping with a cemetery properly maintained using a care and maintenance trust fund. In the event that a cemetery offers perpetual care for some designated sections of its property but does not offer perpetual care to other designated sections, the cemetery must be considered a perpetual care cemetery for the purposes of this chapter.
Perpetual care means the basic maintenance of all lots and shall include leveling of the ground, seeding and cutting of grass as required, but shall not include the maintenance, repair or replacement of monuments and markers.
Perpetual care means perpetual care as defined by the Cemeteries Act.