Permitted Restricted Payments definition

Permitted Restricted Payments means any of the following Restricted Payments made by:
Permitted Restricted Payments has the meaning given that term in Section 9.12(c).
Permitted Restricted Payments means payments made by:

Examples of Permitted Restricted Payments in a sentence

  • Make or permit any of its Subsidiaries to make any Restricted Payment other than Permitted Restricted Payments.

More Definitions of Permitted Restricted Payments

Permitted Restricted Payments means:
Permitted Restricted Payments means, with respect to any Person, any of the following: (A) repurchases, redemptions, dividends or distributions (other than repurchases or redemptions by ProductionCo while the Pledged Collateral remains subject to the Liens created by the Pledge Agreement) made in the form of the Equity Interests of such Person; (B) payment in lieu of fractional shares of the Equity Interests of such Person in connection with any dividend, split, or combination thereof or any Fundamental Change not prohibited hereby; (C) payments made or expected to be made in respect of withholding or similar taxes payable upon exercise of the Equity Interests of such Person by any future, present or former employee, director, officer, manager or consultant (or their respective controlled Affiliates or permitted transferees), and any repurchases of such Equity Interests deemed to occur upon exercise of stock options or warrants if such Equity Interests represents a portion of the exercise price of such options or warrants or required withholding or similar taxes; (D) repurchases, redemptions, dividends or distributions in accordance with incentive compensation plans approved by such Person’s Board of Directors (or equivalent governing body); (E) dividends or distributions by (x) a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of ProductionCo to ProductionCo or one its other Wholly Owned Subsidiaries, (y) ProductionCo, directly or indirectly, to the Company to fund Permitted Company Expenditures and Permitted Investments, and (z) among the Company and its Subsidiaries (other than ProductionCo and its Wholly Owned Subsidiaries); (F) repurchases or redemptions of any class of Equity Interests pursuant to employee, director or consultant repurchase plans or other similar agreements approved by the Board of Directors; (G) other repurchases, redemptions, dividends or distributions effected by the Company or its Subsidiaries other than ProductionCo or its Subsidiaries in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed twenty-five million dollars ($25,000,000); (H) dividends or distributions by any Driftwood Company to any other Driftwood Company and (I) to the extent constituting a repurchase, redemption or distribution, conversion (at the conversion price in effect as of the date hereof) of the series C preferred shares of the Company held by Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals, Inc. into shares of Common Stock, provided that, notwithstanding the foregoing, none of the foregoing transactions shall qualify as a Permitted R...
Permitted Restricted Payments means (a) dividends, loans, or advances to Parent to enable Parent to make payment of its general operating expenses and federal, state, local and foreign tax obligations then due and owing and incurred in the ordinary course of business if and so long as Parent (i) immediately uses the proceeds of such dividends, loans, or advances solely to satisfy such obligations and (ii) does not use such to satisfy the obligations of any other Person through the satisfaction of a guaranty or otherwise, and (b) any purchase, acquisition, redemption, or retirement by Parent of any class of its outstanding Stock on or before August 31, 2003, in an aggregate amount not in excess of $10,000,000.
Permitted Restricted Payments means Restricted Payments in respect of one or more of the following:
Permitted Restricted Payments any Restricted Payment
Permitted Restricted Payments shall include (i) Permitted Advisory Fees, (ii) Tax Distributions, (iii) Restricted Payments that do not exceed $15,000,000, in the aggregate, from the Agreement Date and (iv) after the consummation of the initial public offering of the shares of common stock of Parent, to the holders of Equity Interests of Parent, the dividends specified in Section 7.8(a).
Permitted Restricted Payments means (i) the payment of any dividends by any direct or indirect wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Company on its capital shares, share capital or other equity securities; provided, that, such dividends are paid to the Company and not subsequently dividended out (or otherwise distributed) to its shareholders, except for the payment of Series A Preferred Dividends in accordance with these Articles; and (ii) the purchase of any shares of the Company from a former employee in connection with the termination or other departure of such employee, strictly in accordance with the terms of any agreement entered into with such employee and in effect on the Closing Date.