Permitted Payments definition

Permitted Payments has the meaning specified in Section 7.06(b).
Permitted Payments has the meaning provided in Section 4.11(b).
Permitted Payments means payments by the Distributor to Qualified Recipients as permitted by this Plan.

Examples of Permitted Payments in a sentence

  • Except for Permitted Payments, until Payment in Full has occurred, no direct or indirect payment (including, but not limited to, principal, interest and premiums), prepayment or repayment on account of, or other distribution or set-off in respect of, the Last Out Obligations shall be made by, or on behalf of, the Co-Obligors, the Trustee, Servicer, Security Trustee or received by the Holders of the Last Out Notes.

More Definitions of Permitted Payments

Permitted Payments means any payments, distributions or transfers with respect to (i) any Permitted Indebtedness (in the case of Subordinated Indebtedness, to the extent permitted by the relevant subordination or intercreditor agreement) and (ii) any Permitted Distributions.
Permitted Payments is defined in Section 3.2(b).
Permitted Payments shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 7.1 hereof.
Permitted Payments. Second Lien Liabilities).
Permitted Payments shall have the meaning given in Section 3 below.
Permitted Payments means, with respect to the Subordinated Indebtedness, payment of (a) Equity Interests of the Parent in connection with the conversion of the outstanding principal of and accrued interest on the Subordinated Indebtedness into Equity Interests of the Parent pursuant to Section 4 of the Subordinated Note, (b) Restructuring Securities in connection with an Insolvency Proceeding and (c) PIK Payments.
Permitted Payments shall have the meaning set forth in Article IV of this Agreement.