Permanent definition

Permanent means that the child has lived at that address for at least a year
Permanent means a) a structure that has a permanently installed pressurized domestic water system and septic/sewer system which complies with local codes/regulations and is approved for use by the respective sanitation jurisdictional authority, or b) a structure that is approved for installation on a foundational support that is either a mortared masonry pier/column configuration, a poured concrete slab, or a poured concrete footer and mortared masonry walls on the perimeter of the structure.
Permanent means that the child has lived at that address for at least a year. Where a family has not lived at an address for a year, they must be able to demonstrate that they own the property or have a tenancy agreement for a minimum of 12 months and the child must be resident in the property at the time of application.

Examples of Permanent in a sentence

  • Permanent loss of business does not include events such as customer temporary plant shutdowns, business interruptions caused by Acts of God such as tornadoes and floods, and business interruptions caused by fire, power outage or other similar events.

  • Any Full-time or Permanent Part-time employee, member of the Union, who is hired by the Employer after the effective date of the Health and Welfare Plan, shall join the Plan on the first day of the month immediately following ninety (90) calendar days from the date of employment with the Employer.

  • Bidding Process Bidding on work schedules shall be based on seniority within the Permanent Part-time classification.

  • Permanent variations pursuant to clauses 11.1 to 11.6, or 16.3 or 21.1 of a Train Path or Path Usages are deemed to be an amendment to the relevant Train Path Schedule.

  • Based on seniority, Permanent Part-time employee will be offered Full-time positions as they become aiIa At no time shall Permanent Part-time employees exceed fifteen percent (15%) of the Full-time staffing levels.

More Definitions of Permanent

Permanent means you lived in Australia on a long-term basis, with a permanent residence visa or as an Australian citizen. Holidays in Australia are not included. Holidays or short trips outside Australia while you were living in Australia are included as part of your residence in Australia.
Permanent means lasting twelve (12) consecutive months from the date of an Accident and at the expiry of the twelve (12) months period being beyond any hope of improvement.
Permanent means an employment position that is not established for a specified or limited period of time.
Permanent means, in the context of offset credits, either that GHG reductions and GHG removal enhancements are not reversible, or when GHG reductions and GHG removal enhancements may be reversible, that mechanisms are in place to replace any reversed GHG emission reductions and GHG removal enhancements to ensure that all credited reductions endure for at least 100 years.
Permanent means an expected design life of at least 20 years.
Permanent means lasting twelve (12) consecutive months from the date of Accident and at the expiry of that period being beyond hope of improvement.
Permanent means enduring and stable.