Passed definition

Passed. , in relation to a Bill, means passed at the final stage (at which the Bill can be passed or rejected but not amended).
Passed means when used in conjunction with the inspection of meat, that such meat has been approved for human and animal consumption and are stamped on the packaging material, wrapping or label with a stamp bearing the word “PASSED” and bearing the abattoir identification number;

Examples of Passed in a sentence

  • The Motion Passed by a vote of Ayes - 5, Nays - 0, Abstain - 0, Absent - 0.

  • Cooper Y Parks Y Pool Y Shepherd Y Noble Y President declares motion Passed .

  • Our Homes Passed counts are based on census data that can change based on either revisions to the data or from new census results.

  • Passed by the following vote: Wolfsheimer-yea, Roberts-yea, McColl-yea, Pratt-yea, Struiksma-yea, Henderson-yea, McCarty-yea, Filner-yea, Mayor O'Connor-yea.

  • Passed by the following vote: Mitchell-yea, Cleator-yea, McColl-yea, Jones-yea, Struiksma-yea, Gotch-yea, Murphy-yea, Martinez-yea, Mayor Hedgecock-yea.

More Definitions of Passed

Passed means the test is complete and the alcohol content of the sample passed.
Passed means the thesis is acceptable to all members of the panel. Students has successfully defended all the processes in their research and able to explain clearly the results and implications of the study.
Passed result means that the number of covered drugs in each Category Class meets or exceeds the higher of the Benchmark Count or the Benchmark Reevaluation count.
Passed means when a Premise has been passed with Communal Infrastructure and is capable of Connection from the nearest point to the private boundary (if underground) or nearest pole (if aerial);”
Passed as applied to a Unit shall mean a Unit which can be connected by a single drop line from Active Plant.
Passed validation status means that all the cryptographic checks of the signature and/or seal succeeded, as well as all other checks are in compliance with the validation rules referred to in Article 3, paragraph 2 of this Rulebook have been passed.