Party Application definition

Party Application means a group of applications in which all applicants with the same residency status specify the same species, hunt area and type in the same order of preference, and all applicants expect the same processing and draw results in the initial drawing.
Party Application means a Web-based, mobile, offline or other software application functionality that is provided by You or a third party and interoperates with a Service.
Party Application means any product, service, system, application or internet site integrated or interfaced with the Everproof Application that is owned or operated by a Third Party Provider, and that is used by the Customer or any Authorised User in connection with the Everproof Application.

Examples of Party Application in a sentence

  • The trademarks, logos and service marks of Third Party Application providers ("Marks") are the property of such third parties.

  • Any agreement for use by you of a Third Party Application is solely between you and the applicable third party provider.

  • Any such exchange or interaction is solely between you and such third party provider and is subject to a separate privacy policy or other terms governing your access to or use of the Third Party Application.

  • Sponsor is not responsible for the storage or any use of your entry information by any Third Party Application Provider.

  • Acumatica is not responsible for any exchange of data or other interaction between you and a third party provider of the Third Party Application.

  • Siemens shall not be responsible for any consequences resulting from any access to Your Content through a Third Party Application.

  • Acumatica does not warrant any Third Party Application regardless of who you may purchase or license the application from.

  • SFDC shall not be responsible for any disclosure, modification or deletion of Your Data resulting from any such access by Third- Party Application providers.

  • The trademarks, logos and service marks of Third Party Application providers (“Marks”) are the property of such third parties.

  • Acumatica shall have no obligation with respect to a warranty claim (i) unless notified of such claim within sixty (60) days of the first instance of any material performance and/or functionality issue, or (ii) if you fail to upgrade to a Supported Version of the Service, or (iii) if you fail to meet capacity recommendations in the Licensing Guide, or (iv) if the warranty claim is the result of a Third Party Application or a customization of the Service prepared by you or a third party.

Related to Party Application

  • Third Party Applications means online, Web-based applications and offline software products that are provided by third parties and are identified as third-party applications, including but not limited to those listed on the AppExchange and the Reseller Application.

  • Creation Application means an application by a Participating Dealer for the creation and issue of Units in an Application Unit size (or whole multiples thereof) in accordance with the Operating Guidelines and the Trust Deed.

  • Licensed Application means an Application that (a) meets and complies with all of the Documentation and Program Requirements, and (b) has been selected and digitally signed by Apple for distribution, and includes any additional permitted functionality, content or services provided by You from within an Application using the In-App Purchase API.

  • L/C Application means an application and agreement for the issuance or amendment of a Letter of Credit in the form from time to time in use by the L/C Issuer.

  • Renewal Application means a document used to collect pertinent data for renewal of permits

  • Approval Application means a BLA, NDA or similar application or submission for a Product filed with a Regulatory Authority in a country or group of countries to obtain marketing approval for a biological or pharmaceutical product in that country or group of countries.

  • Planning Application means the application for [outline/full] planning permission dated [ ] bearing the Council’s reference number [ ];

  • Marketing Authorization Application or “MAA” means an application to the appropriate Regulatory Authority for approval to sell the Product (but excluding Pricing Approval) in any particular country or regulatory jurisdiction.

  • Client Application means an application developed by Customer that a) utilizes the Runtime Product, b) is installed fully on an end user’s machine, with all report processing local to that machine, and c) adds significant and primary functionality to the Runtime Product.

  • Completed application means an application in the form and number and containing all the information required pursuant to 34 Administrative Code 9.1053 (Entity Requesting Agreement to Limit Appraised Value), that has been determined by the district and the comptroller to include all minimum requirements for consideration.

  • Regulatory Approval Application means an application to seek regular or expedited Regulatory Approval of the Licensed Product for sale or marketing in any country(ies) or Region(s) in the Territory, as defined in the applicable Laws and filed with the Regulatory Authority of such country(ies) or Region(s).

  • Fee Application means an application for allowance and payment of a Fee Claim (including Claims for “substantial contribution” pursuant to section 503(b) of the Bankruptcy Code).

  • Server Application means an application developed by Licensee that a) utilizes the Runtime Product, b) allows more than one user to Use the Runtime Product through any middle tier application(s), and c) adds significant and primary functionality to the Runtime Product. A Client Application installed in a Windows terminal server environment (e.g. Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop Platform) is a Server Application.

  • Bid Application Form means the form as specified in Annexure II of this E-Auction Process Information Document;

  • Initial application means the Application first provided to MFA on or before an Application Deadline to request an allocation of Tax Credits.

  • international application means an application filed under this Treaty;

  • Patent Application means an application for patent protection for a CRADA Subject Invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“U.S.P.T.O.”) or the corresponding patent-issuing authority of another nation.

  • Written application or "written election" means a written instrument, prescribed by the board

  • FCC Applications means those applications and requests for waivers required to be filed with the FCC to obtain the approvals and waivers of the FCC pursuant to the Communications Act and FCC Rules necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • SAP Application(s) means all Packages (i.e. all Software and Third Party Software) licensed under the Agreement and/or SAP cloud services for which Customer has a valid subscription, excluding User Interfaces for ERP, SAP Technology Solutions and all database Packages.

  • Mobile Application means a specialized software program downloaded onto a wireless communication device.

  • Request for Applications (RFA) means the document (including all amendments and attachments) issued by the System Agency under which applications for Program funds were requested, which is incorporated by reference for all purposes in its entirety.

  • Application Process means the online application process under which the Applicant applies for Hospitality Packages on the Webshop.

  • Access Application means an application for Access Rights as described in section 3.7;

  • Commercial applicator means any person, unless exempted in I(4) hereunder, whether or not the person is a private applicator with respect to some uses, who:

  • Application Package means the forms, schedules, checklists, exhibits, computer disks and instructions thereto obtained from the Agency, which shall be completed and submitted to the Agency in accordance with all regulations in order to apply for the HTC Program.