Parental Guidance definition

Parental Guidance means a programme that requires parents/adults to provide guidance for the viewership of children of tender years;
Parental Guidance means that the content may contain classifiable elements that may be disturbing or harmful for young viewers, and that parents or caregivers are in the best position to decide whether or not a child in their care may access content classified as ‘PG’ subject to the specified rating applicable to such content;

Examples of Parental Guidance in a sentence

  • TV-PG (USTV) – Parental Guidance SuggestedThis program contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children.

  • Universal, suitable for audiences aged four years and over • PG – Parental Guidance.

  • Press MENU to exit.Suggested ageTV-Y: All children.TV-Y7: Directed to older children.TV-G: General audience.TV-PG: Parental Guidance suggested.TV-14: Parents strongly cautioned.TV-MA: Mature audience only.

  • From 2006, the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs assumed responsibility for implementation and further development of the Program for Parental Guidance.

  • Universal – suitable for audiences aged 4 years and over; PG – Parental Guidance – some scenes may be unsuitable for young children; 12 – viewing by persons aged 12 years and over; 12A – viewing by persons aged 12 years or older or persons younger than 12 when accompanied by an adult; 15 – viewing by persons aged 15 years and over; 18 – viewing by persons aged 18 years and over.

  • The classification categories are General (G), Parental Guidance (PG), 14 Accompaniment (14A), 18 Accompaniment (18A), and Restricted (R).

  • Middle school students may also be allowed to view movies rated “PG” (Parental Guidance Suggested) if the teacher has previewed the movie prior to showing it to his/her class, and has received prior approval from the Principal.

  • The advisor and organizational leadership will consult where appropriate, with the Director of Athletics and the Director of Student Activities to ensure compliance with these requirements well in advance of the planned presentation to obtain approval.• Musical selections may not come from recordings with Parental Guidance warnings.

  • CME/CPD There has been much discussion on this matter and it is felt that the board should adopt a more active position going beyond the point of just accrediting meetings.

  • Similarly, some film and video classification ratings set out age thresholds for audiences for such content, including Parental Guidance 13 (“PG13”)27.

Related to Parental Guidance

  • DOL Guidance means the Department of Labor (DOL) Guidance entitled: “Guidance for Executive Order 13673, ‘Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces’”. The DOL Guidance was initially published in the Federal Register on August 25, 2016, and significant revisions will be published for public comment in the Federal Register. The DOL Guidance and subsequent versions can be obtained from

  • Uniform Guidance means the Office of Management and Budget Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, which supersedes requirements from OMB Circulars A-21, A-87, A-110, and A-122, OMB Circulars A-89, A-102, and A-133, and the guidance in Circular A-50 on Single Audit Act follow-up. The terms and conditions of the Uniform Guidance flow down to Awards to Subrecipients unless the Uniform Guidance or the terms and conditions of the Federal Award specifically indicate otherwise.

  • the Guidance means the guidance on the creation and operation

  • Technical Guidance Letter or “TGL” means an instruction, clarification, or interpretation of the requirements of the Contract, issued by the System Agency to the Grantee.

  • Commission Guidance means (i) any publicly-available written or oral guidance of the Commission staff, or any comments, requirements or requests of the Commission staff and (ii) the Securities Act.

  • Compliance Plan means the compliance obligations, program, and procedures described in this Consent Decree at paragraph 13.

  • Family child care home means a private home in which 1 but fewer than 7 minor children are received for care and supervision for compensation for periods of less than 24 hours a day, unattended by a parent or legal guardian, except children related to an adult member of the household by blood, marriage, or adoption. Family child care home includes a home in which care is given to an unrelated minor child for more than 4 weeks during a calendar year. A family child care home does not include an individual providing babysitting services for another individual. As used in this subparagraph, "providing babysitting services" means caring for a child on behalf of the child's parent or guardian if the annual compensation for providing those services does not equal or exceed $600.00 or an amount that would according to the internal revenue code of 1986 obligate the child's parent or guardian to provide a form 1099-MISC to the individual for compensation paid during the calendar year for those services.

  • Information Commissioner means the UK Information Commissioner and any successor;

  • Family abuse means any act involving violence, force, or threat that results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury and that is committed by a person against such person's family or household member. Such act includes, but is not limited to, any forceful detention, stalking, criminal sexual assault in violation of Article 7 (§ 18.2-61 et seq.) of Chapter 4 of Title 18.2, or any criminal offense that results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury.

  • Business Travel Policy means our business travel policy. A copy of our current Business Travel Policy is attached as Schedule 1 to Exhibit B.

  • Environmental Guidelines means the environmental guidelines and occupational health and safety standards of the World Bank Group as in effect on [Bid Date].

  • SEC Guidance means (i) any publicly-available written or oral guidance of the Commission staff, or any comments, requirements or requests of the Commission staff and (ii) the Securities Act.

  • the Approved Guidance means such guidance on the obtaining, recording and maintaining of information about costs and on the breaking down and allocation of costs by reference to Approved Reporting Currencies as may be published by Monitor; “Approved ReportingCurrencies” means such categories of cost and other relevant information as may be published by Monitor; “other relevant information” means such information, which may include quality and outcomes data, as may be required by Monitor for the purpose of its functions under Chapter 4 (Pricing) in Part 3 of the 2012 Act.

  • Health insurance plan means any health insurance policy or health benefit plan offered by a health insurer or a subcontractor of a health insurer, as well as Medicaid and any other public health care assistance program offered or administered by the State or by any subdivision or instrumentality of the State. The term includes vision care plans but does not include policies or plans providing coverage for a specified disease or other limited benefit coverage.

  • Group Policy /”policy” means the breakdown policy as set out in this document;

  • Business Continuity Plan means any plan prepared pursuant to clause H5.6, as may be amended from time to time.

  • Applicable Guidelines means the policies of the Bank governing the selection and Contract award process as set forth in this RFP.

  • Medical flexible spending arrangement means a benefit plan

  • Family child care provider means a person who: (a) Provides

  • Rectification Plan means the rectification plan pursuant to the Rectification Plan Process;

  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order means a Medical Child Support Order which creates (including assignment of rights) or recognizes an Alternate Recipient's right to receive benefits to which a Participant or Qualified Beneficiary is eligible under this Plan, and has been determined by the Plan Administrator to meet the qualification requirements as outlined under “Procedures” of this provision.

  • Dental laboratory means a person, firm or corporation

  • Child abuse means any of the following acts committed in an educational setting by an employee or volunteer against a child:

  • Branding Guidance means the Authority's guidance in relation to the use of branding available at;

  • Health Plans when immediately preceded by “Trident,” shall mean the Trident International employee health benefit plans, any other medical, HMO, prescription drugs, vision, and dental plans and any similar or successor plans and (ii) when immediately preceded by “Fountain,” shall mean employee health benefit plans, any other medical, HMO, prescription drugs, vision, and dental plans and any similar or successor plans program to be established by Fountain under Section 6.7(a).

  • Medical Child Support Order means any judgment, decree or order (including approval of a domestic relations settlement agreement) issued by a court of competent jurisdiction that: