the Approved Guidance definition

the Approved Guidance means such guidance on the obtaining, recording and maintaining of information about costs and on the breaking down and allocation of costs by reference to Approved Reporting Currencies as may be published by Monitor; “Approved ReportingCurrencies” means such categories of cost and other relevant information as may be published by Monitor; “other relevant information” means such information, which may include quality and outcomes data, as may be required by Monitor for the purpose of its functions under Chapter 4 (Pricing) in Part 3 of the 2012 Act.
the Approved Guidance means such guidance on the obtaining, recording and maintaining of information about costs and on the breaking down and allocation of costs by reference to Approved Reporting Currencies as may be published by Monitor;

Examples of the Approved Guidance in a sentence

  • In the allocation of costs and other relevant information to Approved Reporting Currencies in accordance with paragraph 2 the Licensee shall use the cost allocation methodology and procedures relating to other relevant information set out in the Approved Guidance.

Related to the Approved Guidance

  • DOL Guidance means the Department of Labor (DOL) Guidance entitled: “Guidance for Executive Order 13673, ‘Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces’”. The DOL Guidance was initially published in the Federal Register on August 25, 2016, and significant revisions will be published for public comment in the Federal Register. The DOL Guidance and subsequent versions can be obtained from

  • Modification Guidelines has the meaning provided in Section 2.1(a) of this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement.

  • Pre-approval means written notification to Customer of a maximum pre-approved incentive amount through a Pre-approval letter, which Ameren Illinois issues after review of the Customer’s Application.

  • Free appropriate public education means special education and related services that are provided at public expense and under public supervision and direction, and without charge, meet the standards of the Department of Public Instruction, include an appropriate preschool, elementary or secondary school education; and are provided in conformity with an IEP.

  • Approved/Approval means the approval in writing.

  • type-approval means the procedure whereby an approval authority certifies that a type of vehicle, system, component or separate technical unit satisfies the relevant administrative provisions and technical requirements;

  • Requisite Approval means approval by the board of directors of the Corporation, which approval includes approval by at least (i) a majority of the Unaffiliated Independent Directors then in office, (ii) two of the Initial CBS Directors then in office and (iii) two of the Initial Viacom Directors then in office.

  • Approved Source means Cisco or a Cisco authorized reseller, distributor or systems integrator.

  • Covered Guest All registered guests and all persons booked to share the same unit of accommodations, and have paid the required plan cost. • "Stay": The stay at an iTrip unit, from the date of a Covered Guest's check-in to the date of check-out.

  • CAISO-Approved Meter means any revenue quality, electric energy measurement meter furnished by Seller, that (a) is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the CAISO’s metering requirements, or, to the extent that the CAISO’s metering requirements do not apply, Prudent Electrical Practices, and (b) includes all of the associated metering transformers and related appurtenances that are required in order to measure the net electric energy output from the Generating Facility.

  • Operating Guidelines means the guidelines for the creation and redemption of Units of a class as set out in the schedule to each Participation Agreement as amended from time to time by the Manager with the approval of the Trustee, and where applicable, with the approval of HKSCC and the Conversion Agent, and following consultation, to the extent reasonably practicable, with the relevant Participating Dealers subject always, in respect of the relevant Operating Guidelines for a Participating Dealer, any amendment being notified in writing by the Manager in advance to the relevant Participating Dealer. Unless otherwise specified, references to the Operating Guidelines shall be to the Operating Guidelines for the relevant Sub-Fund applicable at the time of the relevant Application.

  • Material Modification means any modification to an Interconnection Request that has a material adverse effect on the cost or timing of Interconnection Studies related to, or any Network Upgrades or Local Upgrades needed to accommodate, any Interconnection Request with a later Queue Position.

  • Restructuring Plan means the extrajudicial restructuring plan, filed with the Sao Paulo Bankruptcy and Reorganization Court on August 19, 2020 (the “Restructuring Plan Filing Date”), providing for the issuance of the Securities and of the New Notes in exchange for the restructuring of various financial debts of OEC and certain of its Affiliates, as duly amended from time to time.

  • Applicable Guidelines means the policies of the Bank governing the selection and Contract award process as set forth in this RFP.

  • Approved program or approved State means a State administered NPDES program which has been approved or authorized by EPA under 40 CFR Part 123.

  • Permit modification means a revision to a Title V operating permit that cannot be accomplished under the provisions for administrative permit amendments found at rule 567—22.111(455B). A permit modification for purposes of the acid rain portion of the permit shall be governed by the regulations pertaining to acid rain found at rules 567—22.120(455B) to 567—22.147(455B). This definition of “permit modification” shall be used solely for purposes of this chapter governing Title V operating permits.

  • Fixed guideway means a public transit facility that uses and occupies:

  • Procurement Guidelines means the “Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits” published by the Bank in May 2004 and revised in October, 2006.

  • GNMA Guide means the GNMA Mortgage-Backed Securities Guide, Handbook 5500.3, Rev. 1, as amended from time to time, and any related announcements, directives and correspondence issued by GNMA.

  • Approved Plan means, with respect to a Product, any one or more of the Global Development Plans, each Annual Development Plan, the Global Commercialization Strategy, and the U.S. Commercialization Plan, in each case as adopted or approved under the terms of this Agreement.

  • medically approved means certified by a medical practitioner;

  • IRB approval means the determination of the IRB that the research has been reviewed and may be conducted at an institution within the constraints set forth by the IRB and by other institutional and federal requirements.

  • Approved List means Securities followed by the Global Fundamental Research Group and tracked on the Approved List. Securities may be added, removed, or undergo periodic ratings changes.

  • Program Guidelines means any and all GLO-approved documents reflecting specific rules and regulations governing the implementation of the Program.