Owned Assets definition

Owned Assets as defined in Section 3.7(a).
Owned Assets shall have such meaning as ascribed to the term in Paragraph 10.1 of Part A Schedule IV;
Owned Assets means those components and other assets (including related ------------ construction and installation and the costs thereof) owned by Lessee or another subsidiary of Guarantor that are included in a Qualified MAN or FCL and that do not constitute Leased Assets.

Examples of Owned Assets in a sentence

  • DEPRECIATION: Owned Assets: Depreciation is charged on Straight Line Method at the rates and in the manner provided in Schedule XIV of the Companies Act, 1956.

  • In the event that Cooperation utilizes State-Owned or Local- Owned Assets and carries out the procurement of any Government’s goods and services, the Cooperation is implemented in accordance with the provisions of legislation.

  • This document has been considered by the Landscape Officer, who has not raised an objection to the application.

  • As approved by Shenzhen Municipal State Owned Assets Management and Supervisory Committee with document No. (2006) 190 “the Approval over the Share Restructuring Scheme by CSG Holding Co Ltd”, the Company went the share restructuring scheme.

  • Upon receipt of an official reply from the SASAC regarding the reorganisation plan, an acquisition agreement entered into by the reorganising party of the SOE and the foreign investor must be submitted for approval in accordance with the provisions of the Circular on Issuing the Provisional Regulations on the Enterprises' State Owned Assets and Financial Administration (No. 325, 2001, Caiqi) issued by the Ministry of Finance.

More Definitions of Owned Assets

Owned Assets means all assets, interests and rights of any kind, whether tangible or intangible, real or personal, owned by the Company prior to the transfer of the Transferred Assets to the Company pursuant to this Agreement.
Owned Assets is defined in Section 2.01.
Owned Assets is defined in Section 4.8.
Owned Assets shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.18.
Owned Assets has the meaning ascribed thereto in the recitals;
Owned Assets means the assets comprising the Power Plant and which are owned by the Parties as tenants in common. 4
Owned Assets as defined in Sec. 9.7.2