Other Guarantor definition

Other Guarantor has the meaning set forth in Section 10.06.
Other Guarantor means any of the Guarantors other than the Mortgagor;
Other Guarantor as defined in Section 8.12(f).

Examples of Other Guarantor in a sentence

  • The obligations of Guarantor (and each party named as a Guarantor in this Guaranty) and any Other Guarantor will be joint and several.

  • The obligations of Guarantor (and each party named as a Guarantor in this Guaranty) and any Other Guarantor shall be joint and several.

  • To effectuate the foregoing intention, each Holder and each Other Guarantor hereby irrevocably agree that the obligations of an Other Guarantor under its Note Guarantee shall be limited to the maximum amount as will, after giving effect to all other contingent and fixed liabilities of such Other Guarantor result in the obligations of such Other Guarantor not constituting such a fraudulent transfer or conveyance.

  • The Exchange Guarantee of each Other Guarantor, when it is issued and delivered in exchange for the Outstanding Guarantee of that Other Guarantor in accordance with the terms of the Exchange Offer, will constitute a valid and binding obligation of that Other Guarantor.

  • The Guaranteed Party represents to the Guarantors that, other than this Limited Guarantee, the Other Guarantees and the Equity Commitment Letters (as defined below), and except as has been furnished to the Guarantors prior to the date hereof, there has been and will be no agreement, understanding or other arrangement (whether written or oral) entered into by the Guaranteed Party with any Other Guarantor in respect of the subject matters of this Limited Guarantee or the Other Guarantees.

More Definitions of Other Guarantor

Other Guarantor means any guarantor, other than a Parent Guarantor, of the Indenture and the Notes.
Other Guarantor is defined in Section 4.2 hereof.
Other Guarantor any wholly-owned Subsidiary required to execute and deliver an Other Guaranty pursuant to Section 7.11(b).
Other Guarantor has the meaning given to such term in Section 10.03(a)(2).
Other Guarantor means Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, another shareholder of the Borrower who is simultaneously executing a similar Guaranty.
Other Guarantor means a Guarantor that is a direct or indirect Subsidiary of Parent but not a direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Company and whose sole purpose is to be (a) a party to a Drilling Contract or an Internal Charter or (b) the parent company of an Internal Charterer, in each case, to the extent (i) such Subsidiary is not permitted to become a direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Company due to restrictions imposed by the terms of the applicable Drilling Contract, (ii) causing such Subsidiary to become a direct or indirect Subsidiary of the Company would result in adverse tax treatment or a violation of applicable laws or (iii) the sole business and activity of such Subsidiary is to act as a bidding entity for Drilling Contracts. No Other Guarantor shall engage in any other business or activities or incur or guarantee any Indebtedness (other than guarantees of the Pari Passu Obligations), and any earnings of such Other Guarantor attributable to any Drilling Contract or Internal Charter in respect of a Vessel shall be subject to the Earnings Assignment. As of the Issue Date, the Other Guarantors are Vantage Driller I Co., Vantage Driller II Co. and Vantage Driller IV Co., each a Cayman Islands exempted company with limited liability, Vantage Holding Hungary Kft, a Hungarian limited liability company, Vantage Drilling Netherlands BV, a private company with limited liability under the laws of the Netherlands, and PT Vantage Drilling Company Indonesia, a company organized under the laws of Indonesia.
Other Guarantor means any and all Persons who now or in the future guarantee to Lender all or any portion of the Guaranteed Obligations.