Organising Body definition

Organising Body means the organiser of a netball Tournament, Competition, Activity or Event including but, not limited to Netball Victoria, Affiliated Associations and Affiliated Clubs.
Organising Body means the society, group or organisation responsible for booking University premises and under whose auspices a meeting or other activity is organised.
Organising Body means a person specified by the Secretary of State as responsible for organising of the event.

Examples of Organising Body in a sentence

  • The Association shall maintain lists of such contact persons registered with the Organising Body.

  • The classical definition of a limit point is that a point p is a limit point of the subset Y relative to the topology T if and only if for everyopen set which contains p there exists another point of Y other than p [Lip- schutz, 1965].

  • When all or the first portion of a relay race is being run in lanes, an athlete may place one checkmark on the track within their own lane supplied or approved by the Organising Body.

  • The Organising Body may appeal a decision of the Tribunal on the grounds that the penalty imposed by the Tribunal is inadequate.

  • If the charged person fails to indicate acceptance or rejection of the administrative penalty in writing to the Organising Body within three working days of notification, the administrative penalty will automatically be invoked.

  • Where a Tribunal chairperson or Tribunal member resigns or is dismissed such that a vacancy exists on the Tribunal, the management committee of the relevant Organising Body or Constituent Association shall act to fill such vacancy by appointing a replacement for that position as soon as is reasonably practical to do so.

  • Each Organising Body acknowledges and agrees that it is required to recognise and enforce penalties handed down against individual persons, teams or clubs by the disciplinary tribunals of all other Organising Bodies, basketball associations, leagues and competitions which are affiliated with Basketball Australia and or its Constituent Associations.

  • The Tribunal may also deal with any other disciplinary matter delegated to it for adjudication by the relevant Organising Body.

  • A charged person, team or club shall be entitled to participate in basketball competitions conducted by the Organising Body until such time as the Tribunal has heard and determined the report.

  • The Organising Body shall maintain lists of names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses (if applicable) of all officials registered with the Organising Body.

Related to Organising Body

  • licensing body means any body that licenses or regulates any profession;

  • Governing body means the board of county commissioners or a county council if a county; the legislative authority if a municipal corporation; or the board of township trustees if a township; the board of directors if a sanitary district; or the board of trustees if a regional water and sewer district.

  • State Controlling Body (SCB) means a state or territory motorcycling association affiliated as a member of MA;

  • Sanctioning body means the American motorcycle association (AMA); auto racing club of America (ARCA); championship auto racing teams (CART); grand American road racing association (GRAND AM); Indy racing league (IRL); national association for stock car auto racing (NASCAR); national hot rod association (NHRA); professional sports car racing (PSR); sports car club of America (SCCA); United States auto club (USAC); Michigan state promoters association; or any successor organization or any other nationally or internationally recognized governing body of motorsports that establishes an annual schedule of motorsports events and grants rights to conduct the events, that has established and administers rules and regulations governing all participants involved in the events and all persons conducting the events, and that requires certain liability assurances, including insurance.

  • Sponsoring Body means a body being a charitable or a not-for-profit Society or Trust or Company under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013 making an application for declaring an institution under its administrative, academic and financial control as a Deemed to be University.

  • Contracting Body means the Department for Work and Pensions and any contracting body described in the OJEU Notice

  • NHS body means the Board, an NHS trust, an NHS foundation trust, a Local Health Board, a Health Board, a Health and Social Services Board or a Health and Social Services Trust or, a Health Board or Special Health Board constituted under section 2 of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978;

  • central purchasing body means a contracting authority providing centralised purchasing activities and, possibly, ancillary purchasing activities;

  • Public purchasing body means the State or the subdivision or agency making a public purchase. Government Code Section 4550.

  • Water body means surface waters including rivers, streams, lakes, marine waters, estuaries and wetlands.

  • Organisation means a legal body which exists separately and distinctly from its members and includes companies, building societies, community benefit societies, local authorities and so on and also for the purposes of these Rules includes unincorporated organisations such as social clubs, branches of political parties or trade unions and other voluntary bodies.

  • international organisation means an organisation and its subordinate bodies governed by public international law, or any other body which is set up by, or on the basis of, an agreement between two or more countries.

  • Hearing Body or “Hearing Panel” means any person or persons authorized by the University Vice President for Student Affairs, Community College Dean of Students or Charter Oak State College Provost to determine whether a student has violated the Code and to impose sanctions as warranted, including a hearing officer or hearing board.

  • research organisation means a legal entity established as a non-profit organisation which carries out research or technological development as one of its main objectives;

  • Organiser means the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which as promoter and organiser, is responsible for the regulation and control of all aspects of the Exhibition.

  • supervisory body means a functionary or institution referred to in Schedule 2;

  • Relevant Nominating Body means, in respect of a benchmark or screen rate (as applicable):

  • Regional body means the members of the council and the premiers of Ontario and Quebec or their designee as established by the agreement.

  • Related Body Corporate has the meaning given in the Corporations Act.

  • Supervised financial organization means a person, other than an insurance company or other organization primarily engaged in an insurance business:

  • Political fundraising committee means a "political fundraising committee" as defined in MCC Ch. 2-156, as amended.

  • Other entity means any association or legal entity, other than a domestic or foreign corporation, organized to conduct business, including, but not limited to, a partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, joint stock company, business trust, statutory trust and real estate investment trust.

  • Educational organization means a nonprofit public or private elementary or

  • Body means any organisation or entity, whether a juristic person or not, and includes a community association;

  • Dead body means a lifeless human body or such parts of a human body or the bones thereof from the state of which it reasonably may be concluded that death recently occurred.

  • approved body means an educational establishment or a body that is not conducted for profit.