Ocean Tanker definition

Ocean Tanker means any ship, tanker or combination carrier that is certified to operate in offshore waters.
Ocean Tanker means any tank vessel, ship, tanker, or combination carrier that is certified to operate in

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  • M/T American PhoenixOn November 13, 2014, we acquired the M/T American Phoenix from Mid Ocean Tanker Company for $157 million.

  • If an Ocean Tanker tenders NOR after Delivery Window expires, then laytime shall commence when All Fast.

  • If an Ocean Tanker tenders NOR prior to the agreed Delivery Window, then laytime shall commence at 0600 on the first day of the agreed Delivery Window, except in instances where the Vessel is berthed prior to such date, with the Terminal Party’s consent, laytime shall commence when All Fast.

  • Shipments of DWCF energy commodities via the MSC Ocean Tanker will be processed using the ocean tanker DoDAAC as the “ship to” DoDAAC.

  • NOR may not be tendered until the Ocean Tanker has a current and valid TVE, COC, and COI.

  • Deliveries by Ocean Tanker and Barge.The DFSP determines receipt quantities by calibrated meter or by gauging the shore receipt tank before and after delivery.

  • If an Ocean Tanker tenders NOR within the agreed Delivery Window, then laytime shall commence, berth or nor berth, six (6) hours after the tender of NOR, or when All Fast, whichever occurs first.

  • Allowed laytime for any Ocean Tanker nominated under the Agreement shall be one-half (1/2) of the allowed laytime under the CP terms for the Vessel, but never less than thirty-six (36) Running Hours for either loading or discharging of a full Cargo.

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  • If the Ocean Tanker tenders NOR within the applicable Delivery Window, laytime shall commence upon the expiration of six (6) hours after NOR is tendered or All Fast to the dock that is associated with the designated Shore Facilities, whichever occurs first.

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