Nondiscriminatory definition

Nondiscriminatory means that pole owners may not arbitrarily differentiate among or between similar classes of persons approved for attachments.
Nondiscriminatory means that the plan, contract or arrangement applies to all employees of a Federally insured credit union who meet reasonable and customary eligibility requirements ap- plicable to all employees, such as min- imum length of service requirements. A nondiscriminatory plan, contract or arrangement may provide different benefits based only on objective cri- teria, such as salary, total compensa- tion, length of service, job grade or classification, applied on a propor- tionate basis (with a variance in sever- ance benefits relating to any criterion of plus or minus ten percent) to groups of employees consisting of not less than 33% of all employees.
Nondiscriminatory means treatment that is at least as favorable as the better of national treatment or most-favored nation treatment;

Examples of Nondiscriminatory in a sentence

  • To this end, we compare a Non-discriminatory (ND) policy (where incumbent acquisi- tions of entrepreneurial firms are allowed) to a Discriminatory (D) policy (which prohibits the acquisitions of small innovative firms).

  • General requirements 224.1. Legal and contractual matters 234.2. Management of Impartiality 234.3. Liability and financing 244.4. Non-discriminatory conditions 244.5. Confidentiality 254.6. Publicly available information 255.

  • Text in ISO/IEC 17065 applies.Technical document MNB - Assessment scheme 000MRA1044 ver 1.1 4.4. Nediskriminační podmínky 4.4. Non-discriminatory conditions‌Použije se text z ISO/IEC 17065.

  • Interconnection in accordance with the requirements of sections 251(c)(2) and 252(d)(1) of this title.(ii) Nondiscriminatory access to network elements in accordance with the require- ments of sections 251(c)(3) and 252(d)(1) of this title.(iii) Nondiscriminatory access to the poles, ducts, conduits, and rights-of-way owned or controlled by the Bell operatingPage 101 TITLE 47—TELECOMMUNICATIONS § 271 company at just and reasonable rates in accordance with the requirements of sec- tion 224 of this title.

  • Nondiscriminatory access to data- bases and associated signaling necessary for call routing and completion.

More Definitions of Nondiscriminatory

Nondiscriminatory means treating similarly situated entities the same absent a
Nondiscriminatory means that the justification for a challenged practice does not itself discriminate based on a Protected Basis.
Nondiscriminatory. ’ means that a BOC may provide to the teaming arrangement the necessary facilities, services and
Nondiscriminatory means that pole owners may not differentiate without good cause among or between similar classes of licensees approved for attachments.
Nondiscriminatory means 1) the absence of unfavorable or unfair treatment of a franchisee or person in comparison to others on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, national original, age, physical/mental handicap, harassment, sexual orientation or reprisal for opposition to discriminatory practices, or 2) terms and conditions neither more burdensome nor less favorable than those imposed upon other users of the public rights-of-way.