Nominal definition

Nominal means calculated in nominal terms at current prices recognizing adjustment for indexation in respect of forecast inflation;
Nominal means the normal operational weight, configuration, speed etc. for the flight segment specified.
Nominal it is understood that nominal hours are the number of hours for which a member is paid. Nominal hours assigned represent a fair estimate of the numbers of hours required for an average, qualified member to complete the assigned duties for a contract. It is recognized that: 1) actual hours worked may vary from nominal hours assigned; 2) actual hours worked may vary from employee to employee even though they are assigned the same duties; and 3) employees are only paid for the number of nominal hours assigned to them, even though they may actually work fewer or more hours than assigned. For example, an experienced TA may take less time to grade an exam than a TA with less experience; however, these TAs will be paid for the same number of nominal hours.

Examples of Nominal in a sentence

  • Nominal salary is defined as the salary a seasonal or part-time member would have received had the position been twelve-months full-time.

  • Interconnection Service shall be provided to the Interconnection Customer at the Point of Interconnection (a), in the case of interconnection of the Customer Facility of a Generation Interconnection Customer, up to the Maximum Facility Output, and (b), in the case of interconnection of the Customer Facility of a Transmission Interconnection Customer, up to the Nominal Rated Capability.

  • If Nominal Payment Parcels are to be negotiated as part of this contract, the CONSULTANT in consultation with the MUNICIPALITY shall determine which parcels qualify as Nominal Parcels and identify such parcels on the Exhibit "A".

  • The CONSULTANT will determine the potential Offering Prices for all Nominal Parcels and provide the MUNICIPALITY a completed report listing those Nominal values for review and approval.

  • If Nominal Payment Parcels are to be negotiated as a part of this contract, the CONSULTANT shall be responsible for the negotiation and appraisal of those parcels identified as Nominal Payment Parcels on the Exhibit "A".

More Definitions of Nominal

Nominal means EUR 310,000,000 (provided that if any Notes are purchased or cancelled or if there is a further issue which is consolidated with and forms a part of the Notes, the Nominal will be adjusted proportionately);
Nominal member means a person who has been admitted as a nominal member under the Bye-laws of the Bank.
Nominal for this purpose means small in value, relative to the value of total compensation. There is no set dollar amount in the law for nominal prizes or awards. (The IRS gave advice at least once, in 2001, that a benefit of $100 did not qualify as de minimis.) ILM 200108042
Nominal is defined as periodic conversations in which Consultant is asked for a referral to an appropriate researcher on a specific topic or input on research model the company is developing. In the event Consultant is requested to provide research services, such services will be negotiated separately between Consultant and the Company.
Nominal means, in relation to the size of a pipe or other underground facility, a stake, or other object, the commonly used name of the size of the object, rather than the actual size of the object. For example, since dimensional lumber is named based on its size before drying and planing, the nominal or common-named sizes of dimensional lumber are usually expressed in terms of the nearest inch, regardless of the actual size of the lumber. Thus, a board that is two by four inches in nominal size is closer to 1 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches in actual size.
Nominal means the outstanding nominal amount of the Note;
Nominal means those standard sizes of pipe from one-eighth inch to 12 inches, specified on the inside diameter, which may be less than or greater than the number indicated. When referred to the grouting annulus, nominal means either the available void thickness between telescoped casing varying less than 0.20 inches below standard where one inch of grout is required and 0.35 inches below standard where two inches of grout is required, or the average available void thickness between the borehole and outside wall of the casing.