Flight Segment definition

Flight Segment means the single portion of flight by an A/C between takeoff and landing.
Flight Segment means a flight between two cities, whether or not such flight is part of a larger or longer itinerary.
Flight Segment means any portion of a Flight Service measured from a point of take off to a point of landing. “Flight Service Hours” are determined based on the flight time (rounded up to the nearest one tenth of an hour) during which EA Member, or another person designated by EA Member, actually occupies a EA Program Aircraft, and shall be calculated from the point of take off to the point of landing for each Flight Segment, plus six minutes (one tenth of an hour) each of taxi time prior to each departure and after each landing in an occupied leg without any addition for repositioning.

Examples of Flight Segment in a sentence

  • Gogo will provide Delta with the number of passengers accessing the Connectivity Services on each Flight Segment.

  • A Crewmember released from duty after a Flight Segment, including Deadhead, that immediately precedes his scheduled duty free Days may elect to remain at a release location for a rest period.

More Definitions of Flight Segment

Flight Segment means scheduled nonstop flight time between two air- ports.
Flight Segment means a Segment that has been or is intended to be flown;
Flight Segment means a leg measured from block out to block in.
Flight Segment means that portion of a flight between take off from one airport and landing at the next airport.
Flight Segment means the operation of an aircraft with one takeoff and one landing. “Flight time” means:
Flight Segment means a takeoff from and subsequent landing at the same or a different airport.
Flight Segment for the purposes of Section 1, means the operation of an aircraft with 12 100. 14 15 16 101. 17 18 19 102. 20 103. 21 22 104. 23 24 25 105. 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 106. 38 39 40 107. 41 42 43 108. 11 one takeoff and one landing. “Flight time” means: