NOM definition

NOM. (No Minimum Day) means the trip shall not be paid as “minimum day” due to a split initiated by a Flight Attendant.
NOM. ’ means Niezalez. ny Operator Mie¸dzystrefowy sp. z o.o. which has its registered o⁄ce in Warsaw, Poland.
NOM means Norma Oficial Mexicana (Official Mexican Standards).

Examples of NOM in a sentence

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle shall be 2-pole, 3-wire, 20 Amp, 125 Volt, 60 Hz, NEMA 5-20R configuration and meet or exceed the following standards and certifications:• NEMA WD-1 and WD-6• UL 498 and 943• NOM 057• ANSI C-73This item shall include a UL listed, 4 inch x4 inch x 21/8 inch box with ¾ inch side and end knockouts and a 1½ inches deep, single-receptacle cover to house the GFCI receptacle.

  • The active balancing group manager must have been authorised by the passive balancing group manager to submit a bundled nomination in accordance with NOM BRS to the relevant transmission system operator.

  • Bundled nominations shall be made by stating the point, direction of flow and balancing group code pairs in accordance with NOM BRS.

  • In order to receive NOM Market Maker pricing in all securities, the Participant must be registered as a NOM Market Maker in at least one security.

  • These servers are certified by the respective UL and NOM agencies.

More Definitions of NOM

NOM s” shall mean a Norma Oficial Mexicana issued by a Governmental Agency under the applicable Law.
NOM will mean The NASDAQ Options Market operated by The NASDAQ Option Market, LLC.
NOM. François Varagne ou toute personne qu’il se serait substituée en vertu d’un pouvoir Titre: Président-Directeur Général SCHEDULE 5 CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF A PLEDGE OF FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS ACCOUNT TRANSLATION FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY The undersigned hereby certifies that (i) 516,440 shares issued by Antargaz and held by AGZ Holding as identified in the declaration of pledge of financial instruments account date 7 December 2005 signed by AGZ Holding, have been transferred into a special account number 11 Ter opened in the name of AGZ Holding and (ii) the said account is pledged in favour of the Beneficiaries (as defined in the declaration of pledge of financial instrument accounts) and that such pledge has been duly registered. A copy of the pledge of financial instruments account is attached as a schedule to this certificate of registration of a pledge of financial instruments. Paris, 7 December 2005 For and on behalf of Antargaz By: Name: François Varagne or any duly empowered person under a power of attorney Title: Président-Directeur Général SCHEDULE 6 MODÈLE DE NOTIFICATION DE LA SURVENANCE D’UN CAS DE DÉFAUT AU TENEUR DU COMPTE ESPÈCES SPÉCIAL A Calyon, agissant en qualité de teneur du Compte Espèces Spécial Messieurs, • Déclaration de gage de compte d’instruments financiers en date du 7 décembre 2005 (la “Déclaration de Gage”). • Compte bancaire spécial no 31489/00010/00224848231/47 ouvert dans vos livres (le “Compte Espèces Spécial”).
NOM means Norma Oficial Mexicana which translates into Mexican Official Standards, administrative regulations applicable to specific activities and/or products.
NOM. [.] Fonction : [.] APPENDIX 3 SCHEDULES SPECIFIC TO THE UNITED-KINGDOM SCHEDULE 1 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA SPECIFIC TO THE UNITED-KINGDOM Each Receivable offered for sale and transfer to the FCC by the Sellers incorporated in England and Wales, together with the related Contract, shall, on the corresponding Information Date and Transfer Date, satisfy the Eligibility Criteria, namely all the criteria listed in Schedule 2 of Appendix 1 and all the criteria listed below:
NOM means that no accurate RL was measured.