No Defaults definition

No Defaults. None of the Corporation or any Subsidiary is in default of any material term, covenant or condition under or in respect of any judgement, order, agreement or instrument to which it is a party or to which it or any of the property or assets thereof are or may be subject, and no event has occurred and is continuing, and no circumstance exists which has not been waived, which constitutes a default in respect of any commitment, agreement, document or other instrument to which the Corporation or any Subsidiary is a party or by which it is otherwise bound entitling any other party thereto to accelerate the maturity of any amount owing thereunder or which could have a material adverse effect upon the condition (financial or otherwise), capital, property, assets, operations or business of the Corporation or any Subsidiary.
No Defaults. Except as set forth on SCHEDULE 3.17 no Seller is in default (nor is any such default alleged to exist) under the terms of any written or oral contract, agreement, lease, license, mortgage, deed of trust, note, guaranty, instrument or understanding (collectively, "Contracts") to which it is a party or to which any of its assets, business or operations is subject, nor has any condition or event occurred, nor, to Sellers' knowledge is any condition or event threatened, which, after notice or the passage of time, or both, would constitute a default under any Contract. To Sellers' knowledge, no such default, condition or event exists or is alleged to exist with respect to the performance of any obligation of any other party to any of the Contracts.
No Defaults. Borrower is not in default with respect to any agreement to which it is a party or by which it is bound. The execution and performance of this Restated Agreement and any other document or instrument to be delivered hereunder or as a supplement hereto will not violate any law or the terms of the incorporation documents or bylaws of Borrower, nor will it violate or result in a default or in the creation or imposition of any lien or encumbrance upon any of the assets of Borrower (immediately, with the passage of time, or with the giving of notice and the passage of time) under any other contract, agreement or instrument to which Borrower is a party or by which Borrower is bound, nor will it result in the acceleration of any obligation under any mortgage, lien, lease, franchise, license, permit, agreement, instrument, order, arbitration award, judgment, or decree, or in the termination of any license, franchise, lease, or permit, to which Borrower is a party or by which it is bound; and it will not violate or conflict with any other restriction of any kind or character to which Borrower is subject.

Examples of No Defaults in a sentence

  • No Defaults: Other than payments due but not yet 30 days or more delinquent, to the best of the Seller's knowledge, there is no default, breach, violation or event which would permit acceleration existing under the Mortgage or the Mortgage Note and no event which, with the passage of time or with notice and the expiration of any grace or cure period, would constitute a default, breach, violation or event which would permit acceleration.

  • No Defaults or Events of Default exist or occur upon authorization, execution or delivery of this Contract.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRVacant caseload or change in CCSRequired.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VR>90 days to IPERequired.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRUnsuccessful closure by strategic populationRequired.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRDBS VR DBS TRNCase cost >$25,000Required.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRDBS VR DBS TRNNo counseling and guidance >180 daysRequired.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRSuccessful closureRequired.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRIn application phase>60 daysRequired.

  • Radio button list with values Yes and No. Defaults to No.DRS VRCase length >5 yearsRequired.

Related to No Defaults

  • Material Leases has the meaning set forth in Section 3.17.

  • O & M Default means any default on the part of the Power Producer for a continuous period of ninety (90) days to (i) operate and/or (ii) maintain (in accordance with Prudent Utility Practices), the Project at all times.

  • Existing Leases means those leases, license agreements and occupancy agreements identified on Schedule 2.1.3, as the same may be amended or modified from time to time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

  • Material Lease has the meaning set forth in Section 3.17(a).

  • Default means any event which is, or after notice or passage of time or both would be, an Event of Default.

  • Material Contracts has the meaning set forth in Section 3.17.

  • Ground Leases Collectively, those certain leases with respect to real property that is a portion of the Leased Property, pursuant to which Landlord is a tenant and which leases are in existence as of the Commencement Date and listed on Schedule 2 hereto or, subject to Section 7.3, subsequently added to the Leased Property in accordance with the provisions of this Lease. Each of the Ground Leases is referred to individually herein as a “Ground Lease.”

  • Material Default means a material breach of this Framework Agreement and/or, breach by the Supplier of any of the following Clauses: Clause 8 (Warranties and Representations), Clause 9 (Prevention of Bribery and Corruption), Clause 13 (Statutory Requirements and Standards), Clause 14 (Non-Discrimination), Clause 15 (Provision of Management Information), Clause 16 (Management Charge), Clause 17 (Records and Audit Access), Clause 22 (Data Protection), Clause 23 (Freedom of Information) and Clause 31 (Transfer & Sub-contracting);

  • Senior Event of Default means any event of default (howsoever described) under any Senior Document.

  • Subject Leases means, for any Asset Review, all 20[•]-[•] Leases which are 60-Day Delinquent Leases as of the end of the Collection Period immediately preceding the related Review Satisfaction Date.

  • Operating Leases means all real or personal property leases under which any Company is bound or obligated as a lessee or sublessee and which, under GAAP, are not required to be capitalized on a balance sheet of such Company; provided that Operating Leases shall not include any such lease under which any Company is also bound as the lessor or sublessor.

  • Material Agreements shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 4.16 hereof.

  • Lease Event of Default Lease Default," "Majority in Interest of Note Holders," "Make-Whole Amount" or "Note Holder," or the percentage of Note Holders required to take or approve any action hereunder, (ii) reduce the amount, or change the time of payment or method of calculation of any amount, of Original Amount, Make-Whole Amount, if any, or interest with respect to any Equipment Note, or alter or modify the provisions of Article III hereof with respect to the order of priorities in which distribution thereunder shall be made as among the Note Holders, the Owner Trustee and Lessee, (iii) reduce, modify or amend any indemnities in favor of the Owner Trustee, the Mortgagee or the Note Holders (except that the Owner Trustee (in its individual capacity) or the Mortgagee, as the case may be, may consent to any waiver or reduction of an indemnity payable to it) or the other Indenture Indemnitees, (iv) consent to any change in the Trust Indenture or the Lease which would permit redemption of Equipment Notes earlier than permitted under Section 2.10 or 2.11 hereof or the purchase or exchange of the Equipment Notes other than as permitted by Section 2.13 hereof, (v) except as contemplated by the Lease or the Participation Agreement, reduce the amount or extend the time of payment of Basic Rent, Stipulated Loss Value, or Termination Value for the Aircraft in each case as set forth in the Lease, or modify, amend or supplement the Lease or consent to any assignment of the Lease, in either case releasing Lessee from its obligations in respect of the payment of Basic Rent, Stipulated Loss Value or Termination Value for the Aircraft or altering the absolute and unconditional character of the obligations of Lessee to pay Rent as set forth in Sections 3 and 16 of the Lease or (vi) permit the creation of any Lien on the Trust Indenture Estate or any part thereof other than Permitted Liens or deprive any Note Holder of the benefit of the Lien of this Trust Indenture on the Trust Indenture Estate, except as provided in connection with the exercise of remedies under Article IV hereof.

  • Guarantee Event of Default means a default by the Guarantor on any of its payment or other obligations under this Guarantee.

  • Guarantor Event of Default means the occurrence of any “Event of Default” under and as defined in the Performance Guaranty.

  • Other Leases means, collectively, the Lease Agreements between Landlord, or an Affiliate of Landlord, and Tenant with respect to the properties described on Exhibit B, but excluding any Lease Agreements terminated pursuant to their terms or by mutual agreement of the parties.

  • PTC Event of Default means, with respect to each Trust Agreement, the failure to distribute within 10 Business Days after the applicable Distribution Date: (i) the outstanding Pool Balance of the applicable Class of Certificates on the Final Legal Distribution Date for such Class or (ii) interest scheduled for distribution on such Certificates on any Distribution Date (unless, in the case of the Class A Trust Agreement or the Class B Trust Agreement, the Subordination Agent shall have made an Interest Drawing or a withdrawal from the Cash Collateral Account relating to a Liquidity Facility for such Class, with respect thereto in an aggregate amount sufficient to pay such interest and shall have distributed such amount to the Trustee entitled thereto).

  • Event of Default wherever used herein, means any one of the following events (whatever the reason for such Event of Default and whether it shall be voluntary or involuntary or be effected by operation of law or pursuant to any judgment, decree or order of any court or any order, rule or regulation of any administrative or governmental body):

  • Financial Covenant Event of Default has the meaning specified in Section 8.01(b).

  • Space Leases means any and all leases, subleases, lettings, licenses, concessions, operating agreements, management agreements, and all other agreements affecting the Trust Estate that Trustor has entered into, taken by assignment, taken subject to, or assumed, or has otherwise become bound by, now or in the future, that give any person the right to conduct its business on, or otherwise use, operate or occupy, all or any portion of the Site or Improvements and any leases, agreements or arrangements permitting anyone to enter upon or use any of the Trust Estate to extract or remove natural resources of any kind, together with all amendments, extensions, and renewals of the foregoing entered into in compliance with this Deed of Trust, together with all rental, occupancy, service, maintenance or any other similar agreements pertaining to use or occupation of, or the rendering of services at the Site, the Improvements or any part thereof.

  • Insurance Agreement Event of Default means an "Event of Default" as defined in the Insurance Agreement.

  • Existing Lease shall have the meaning assigned thereto in Section 10.7.

  • Major Event of Default means an Event of Default arising from any of the following with respect to Borrower and the Guarantors only (and not, for the avoidance of doubt, (a) in relation to any other Subsidiary of Borrower or the Target Group or (b) in respect of any obligation to procure any action by any other Subsidiary of Borrower or the Target Group):

  • Facility Leases means all of the leases of Facilities listed on Schedule 4.7.

  • Material Event of Default means the occurrence of an Event of Default (as defined in the Senior Unsecured Loan Agreement) under any of the following sections of the Senior Unsecured Loan Agreement:

  • Lease Documents has the meaning set forth in the Basic Servicing Agreement; provided that such definition shall refer only to lease documents related to Leases allocated to the 20[●]-[●] Lease SUBI.