Municipal Property definition

Municipal Property means property owned, vested or under the control and management of the Council or its service provider in terms of any applicable legislation;

Examples of Municipal Property in a sentence

Upon default by the Company or its agent to repair damage caused to Municipal Property as set out above, the Municipality may provide written notice to the Company to remedy the default.

The compensation paid or to be paid by such third party to the Municipality for the use of the Municipal Property including its rights-of-way, shall be determined between the Municipality and the third party.

During the performance of the Work, the Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to not interfere with existing Municipal Property.

The Company and the Municipality agree they will use reasonable efforts to cooperate with each other in any negotiations with third parties desiring joint use of any part of the Distribution System located on Municipal Property.

Further, the Company shall forthwith restore the Municipal Property to the same state and condition, as nearly as reasonably possible, in which it existed prior to the commencement of such Work, subject to reasonable wear and tear and to the satisfaction of the Municipality acting reasonably.

More Definitions of Municipal Property

Municipal Property means a property with one or more buildings that is 10,000 gross square feet or more that is owned by the City of Portland.
Municipal Property means all property owned, leased, or managed by the City of Muscatine, either inside or outside of city limits, shall be under the statutes of the Municipal Code and the City’s jurisdiction.
Municipal Property means those properties of which the Municipality is the owner.
Municipal Property means all city property including any buildings or other structures on the land or parking areas that are on the same property as buildings or other structures, including but not limited to City Hall Customer Service Centres, Libraries and Areas.