Morris definition

Morris has the meaning set forth in the preface above.
Morris means Morris Genco, L.L.C.

Examples of Morris in a sentence

  • Data from Hunterdon and Morris were provided by the counties and may have a different accuracy level.

  • The grant shall remain in effect until terminated in writing.I ratify and confirm any and all acts that Sheri Morris and/or John M.

  • Morris Vice President Exhibit 1 GLOBAL PROXY SERVICE RIDER To Global Custody Agreement Between THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK AND Certain T.

  • Morris Vice President GLOBAL PROXY SERVICE RIDER To Global Custody Agreement Between THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK AND Certain T.

  • I ratify and confirm any and all acts that Sheri Morris and/or Jeffrey Kupor lawfully take as my attorneys-in-fact and agents by virtue of this appointment.

  • In connection with the Quarterly Report of Philip Morris International Inc.

  • Michigan v Philip Morris Incorporated, et al., Ingham county circuit court, docket no.

  • Hug, Councilman Jim McFarland, Councilman Terry Morris, Councilman Robert O’Dekirk, Councilwoman Jan Hallums Quillman, CouncilmanMichael F.

  • Voting yes: Mr. Baker, Mr. Morris, Dr. Merrill, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Huff.

  • The following voted “Aye”: Alderman Morris, Karras, Rummel, Notz, Preschlack, Goshgarian, Buschmann and Weber.

Related to Morris

  • McDaniel means McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd., independent oil and natural gas reservoir engineers of Calgary, Alberta.

  • Barber means a person who is licensed under this chapter to engage in the practice of barbering.

  • Hunt means to pursue, shoot, wound, kill, chase, lure, possess, or capture or the act of a person possessing a weapon, as defined in 45-2-101, or using a dog or a bird of prey for the purpose of shooting, wounding, killing, possessing, or capturing wildlife protected by the laws of this state in any location that wildlife may inhabit, whether or not the wildlife is then or subsequently taken. The term includes an attempt to take by any means, including but not limited to pursuing, shooting, wounding, killing, chasing, luring, possessing, or capturing.

  • Ward means a person within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court under ORS 419B.100.

  • seaman ’ means an individual (except scientific personnel, a sailing school instruc- tor, or a sailing school student) engaged or employed in any capacity on board a vessel.

  • Toddler means a child at least one year of age but less than 2 years of age.

  • Bruce Waterfall resign his xxxxxxon xxxx Restart III, or sell his interest therein, he shall immediately notify the Board and the Commission, and cause his successor to file appropriate Nevada gaming applications with the Board and the Commission.

  • Riverine means relating to, formed by, or resembling a river (including tributaries), stream, brook, etc.

  • Legionella means a genus of bacteria, some species of which have caused a type of pneumonia called Legionnaires Disease.

  • PETE means polyethylene terephthalate, labeled by the SPI code #1.

  • Embalmer means any person engaged in the practice of embalming.

  • SAM means the federal System for Award Management (SAM); which is the federal repository into which an entity must provide information required for the conduct of business as a recipient. 2 CFR 25 Appendix A (1)(C)(1).

  • Warden means the administrative head of a correctional facility.

  • Kerma or "K" means the quantity defined by the International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements. The kerma is the quotient of dEtr by dm, where dEtr is the sum of the initial kinetic energies of all charged particles liberated by uncharged particles in a mass dm of materials; thus K=dEtr/dm, in units of J/kg, where the special name for the units of kerma is gray (Gy). When the materials is air, the quantity is referred to as "air kerma."

  • We/Us/Our means Reset Compliance Systems Ltd.

  • FTI means FTI Consulting Canada Inc.;

  • WARO means "weeks after the effective date for award of the contractual action".

  • Tyler means Tyler Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • CORA means the Colorado Open Records Act, §§24-72-200.1, et. seq., C.R.S.

  • Spring means a source of water where an aquifer comes in contact with the ground surface.

  • White means the chromaticity coordinates (x,y)4 of the light reflected that lie inside the chromaticity areas defined by the boundaries: W12 violet boundary y = x - 0.030 W23 yellow boundary y = 0.740 – x W34 green boundary y = x + 0,050 W41 blue boundary y = 0.570 – x With intersection points: x y W1 0.300 0.270 W2 0.385 0.355 W3 0.345 0.395 W4 0.260 0.310"

  • Parkland means any publicly owned land which is designated or used as a public park, recreation area, wildlife or waterfowl refuge or historic site.

  • Graywater means untreated wastewater that has not been contaminated by any toilet discharge, has not been affected by infectious, contaminated, or unhealthy bodily wastes, and does not present a threat from contamination by unhealthful processing, manufacturing, or operating wastes. "Graywater" includes, but is not limited to, wastewater from bathtubs, showers, bathroom washbasins, clothes washing machines, and laundry tubs, but does not include wastewater from kitchen sinks or dishwashers. Health and Safety Code Section 17922.12.

  • Swale means a shallow depression in the ground sloping to a place for disposal for the purpose of providing a method of drainage of surface water.

  • Gray (Gy) means the SI unit of absorbed dose. One gray is equal to an absorbed dose of 1 joule per kilogram (100 rad).

  • Growler means any refillable, resealable container complying with federal law.