Ward definition

Ward means a person within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court under ORS 419B.100.
Ward means a room in a Hospital with more than two (2) patient beds (not including hospital companion bed).

Examples of Ward in a sentence

Motion Carried: 5-0-0-0; Yeas: Christensen, Feldmann, Lauridsen Sand, Levy, and Ward; Nays: 0; Abstained: 0; Absent: 0.

See, for example, Linda Colley, Britons: Forging the Nation, 1707-1837 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1992); Robert Colls, The Identity of England (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2002); Keith Robbins, Great Britain: Identities, Institutions and the Idea of Britishness (New York: Longman, 1998); Paul Ward, Britishness since 1870 (London and New York: Routledge, 2004).

Ward rounds have been estimated to cost approximately 10 million pounds per day in the United Kingdom alone (Caldwell, 2013).

The public portions of these filings can be accessed via the Commission’s Web site (http:// www.prc.gov).The Commission appoints Natalie Rea Ward to serve as Public Representative in these dockets.III.

Ward round studies adopt a range of perspectives but fail to explain how the practice achieves valued outcomes.

More Definitions of Ward

Ward means a ward of the district from or to which an area is transferred, except in the expressionparish ward”, where it means a ward of the parish to which an area is transferred(4).
Ward means an individual for whom a guardian is appointed.
Ward means an area, however described, that forms part of an institution, being an area that is used for the accommodation, treatment and care of persons suffering from mental or physical conditions, and includes a methadone program treatment centre that forms a part of an institution;
Ward means one of several subdivisions of a local authority area delimited for the purpose of electing members of the governing body of that authority;”.
Ward means an individual for whom a guardian has been appointed.
Ward means a person for whom a guardian has been appointed.