Mobile Home Site definition

Mobile Home Site means a parcel of land rented as space for and on which a lessee, under a rental agreement, is entitled to place a mobile home;
Mobile Home Site means an area within a mobile home park shown as being occupied by or designated for occupancy by an individual mobile home.
Mobile Home Site means a site in a mobile homesubdivision for the placement of a mobile home.

Examples of Mobile Home Site in a sentence

  • Mobile home site residents pay council tax on their property which includes a percentage payment for the lease of the land on which the home stands.

  • Mobile home site exceptionIf a tenant of a mobile home site receives a notice of rent increase from the landlord (the mobile home park), the tenant may treat the rent increase notice as a notice to end the tenancy by advising the landlord in writing within 30 days of receipt of the notice.

  • Development Permit fees be charged as specified in Appendix A of the Guidelines and Procedures for Development Permits Travis Countv Flood Plain Manaaement Reaulations.These fees are: Flood Plain Development Permit $8.00 (10 of more permits at a time) $5.00 ea (All bldg.) $8.00 (Mobile home site) $8.00(Mobile home park-10 or more sites)$5.00 ea($70 max)(On-site water system) $3.00(Other development-non-residential, of commercial) construction cost ($5 min) eaFlood Plain Develooment Permit (All perm.

  • Mobile home site means an individual lot within a mobile home park for one mobilehome.

  • Environmental Health : Mobile Homes are dealing with the Mobile home site at Highcroft.

More Definitions of Mobile Home Site

Mobile Home Site means a parcel of land zoned by Council to allow the locating and occupancy of a single Mobile Home Unit thereon.
Mobile Home Site. Means a parcel of land designated by Council by resolution.
Mobile Home Site means land rented or intended to be rented as a site for the purpose of being occupied by a mobile home where
Mobile Home Site means any site within the City where Mobile Homes are a permitted use or an approved discretionary use under the City’s Zoning Bylaw, but does not include any Mobile Home park;
Mobile Home Site means a parcel of land within a mobile home park intended to be occupied by one mobile home together with all yards required by this By-law;
Mobile Home Site means that plot of ground within a mobile home park (as defined and controlled by the Indiana State Board of Health) designed for the accommodation of one mobile home.
Mobile Home Site means a parcel of land within a mobile home park which is serviced and intended for the placement of one mobile home.