Embryo/fetus definition

Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until the time of birth.
Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until the time of birth. "Exposure" generally means being exposed to ionizing radiation or to radioactive material;
Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from con- ception until the time of birth.

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Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until the time of birth. “Entrance or access point” means any opening through which an individual or extremity of an
Embryo/fetus means the developing human organismfrom conception until the time of birth.
Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until the time of birth. “Enclosed beam x-ray system” means an analytical x-ray system constructed in such a way that access to the interior of the enclosure housing the x-ray source during operation is precluded except through bypassing of interlocks or other safety devices to perform maintenance or servicing.
Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from
Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until thetime of birth.
Embryo/fetus means the developinghuman organism from conception until the time of birth.

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  • Embryo/fetus means the developing human organism from conception until the time of birth.

  • Embryo or "fetus" means the developing human organism from conception until time of birth.

  • Fetus means a human being from fertilization until birth;

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