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  • Profile is a required feature of DRS that allows a DTC participant, claiming to act on behalf of an Owner of American Depositary Shares, to direct the Depositary to register a transfer of those American Depositary Shares to DTC or its nominee and to deliver those American Depositary Shares to the DTC account of that DTC participant without receipt by the Depositary of prior authorization from the Owner to register that transfer.

  • Securities held at DTC are registered in the name of DTC’s nominee Cede & Co. DTC does not vote securities registered in the name of Cede & Co. Instead, DTC provides the Issuer with an omnibus proxy, which assigns Cede & Co.’s voting rights to those Participants that have position credit to their DTC account at the close of business on the record date.

  • In addition, Marketing and advertising spend has been impacted by channel mix with the revenue growth primarily coming from the Wholesale channel, which requires lower marketing spend than DTC.

  • DTC and NSCC adopts rules similar to this proposed rule as part of their 1999 integration with DTCC.

  • DTC shall be responsible for crediting the amount of such payments to the accounts of the applicable DTC Participants in accordance with its normal procedures.

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DTC means The Depository Trust Company or any successor thereto.