Maximum Settlement Amount definition

Maximum Settlement Amount means $500,000,000 as amended or modified in accordance with Appendix E.
Maximum Settlement Amount means $7,727,500.00, and is the maximum amount payable by Defendants related to this settlement, and is inclusive of all moneys expended pursuant to this settlement, including, without limitation, Plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees and costs, payments to the settlement administrator, settlement payments to class members, enhancement payments to the Named Plaintiffs, and all payroll taxes associated with the settlement payments taxable as wages as set forth in the Settlement Agreement.
Maximum Settlement Amount or (“MSA”) means the maximum sum to be paid

Examples of Maximum Settlement Amount in a sentence

  • Subject to approval of the Settlement by the Superior Court, Precision Door agrees to deposit the Maximum Settlement Amount into a Qualified Settlement Fund (“QSF”) set up by the Settlement Administrator for purposes of processing the Settlement and paying the Service Award, the Settlement Administration Expenses Award, the Attorney’s Fees and Costs Award, and the Settlement Awards.

  • Subject to the Court’s approval, Plaintiff 4 Xxxxxxx Xxxx shall be paid a service payment in an amount not to exceed Two Thousand and Five Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($2,500.00), to be paid from the Maximum Settlement Amount, for 7 service as Class Representative, and in consideration for the General Release of Claims as described 8 below, in addition to any payments he may otherwise receive as Authorized Claimant.

  • Defendants’ total aggregate payments under this Agreement shall under no circumstances exceed the Maximum Settlement Amount.

  • All costs incurred in administering the Settlement 16 (including retaining the Administrator who will handle the mailing of notices (including class notices 17 and XXXX notices), forwarding of return notices, processing of claim forms, and mailing of the 18 individual checks to Authorized Claimants) shall be paid from the Maximum Settlement Amount.

  • As part of seeking the Superior Court’s final approval of this Settlement, Class Counsel will apply to the Superior Court for an Attorney’s Fees and Costs Award of no more than twenty- five percent (25%) of the Maximum Settlement Amount (i.e., $142,500), plus up to an additional $5,000.00 for actual litigation costs.

More Definitions of Maximum Settlement Amount

Maximum Settlement Amount means the maximum amount Defendants shall have
Maximum Settlement Amount means the maximum amount the Company may be required to pay pursuant to this Settlement, which is the sum of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000), excluding any of the Company’s employer-side share of FICA, FUTA, and other similar, mandatory employer-side payroll taxes. In no event shall the Maximum Settlement Amount exceed the foregoing sum.
Maximum Settlement Amount means the maximum amount of Six Million Dollars ($6,000,000.00) that Defendant shall pay as a result of this Stipulation of Settlement.
Maximum Settlement Amount means the maximum amount Defendant shall
Maximum Settlement Amount means the total maximum amount that Defendants have agreed to pay to settle this Action in exchange for a full release, which is $3.1 million in the aggregate. The following expenses and costs shall be deducted from the Maximum Settlement Amount: (i) the amount awarded to Class Counsel for attorneys’ fees and costs/expenses, up to 30% of the Maximum Settlement Amount; (ii) any Class Representative Service Awards, if any; (iii) the cash portion of the Benefit to Class Members for Valid Claims; and (iv) Class Notice and Claims Administration Expenses, up to $275,000. The Maximum Settlement Amount will not include costs related to implementing the Programmatic Relief. In the event that the Valid Claims, Class Counsel’s fees, Class Notice and Claims Administration Fees, and Class Representatives’ fees exceed the Maximum Settlement Amount, then the Benefit paid to each Class Member will be reduced pro rata. For the avoidance of doubt, Defendants will not be required to pay the Benefit into an account, but can instead pay the Benefit directly to Class Members. The Maximum Settlement Amount represents the limit and extent of Defendants’ monetary obligations under this Settlement.
Maximum Settlement Amount means the amount of two-hundred and fifty- thousand dollars ($250,000) that Defendant shall pay as a result of this Stipulation of Settlement.
Maximum Settlement Amount means the maximum settlement amount of One