Lodger definition

Lodger means a member of the household group (see OAR 461-110-0210) who---
Lodger means someone who takes a room within accommodation that they share with their landlord (this could be the owner or an occupier of the property).

Examples of Lodger in a sentence

  • This training will be conducted at the requesting CFB Kingston Lodger Unit or Contractor's facility in the appropriate classroom.

  • If you want to rent out a room, you can protect yourself and your property with this Lodger Agreement.

  • Each Room in a building or Apartment available for occupancy by a Boarder, Roomer or Lodger, in excess of the two (2) Rooms permitted a family, in addition to the Dwelling Unit charge, per person, per Room.

  • Lodger A person who pays you to let them live with you in the property.

  • The Landlord will be entitled at the end of the occupancy agreement to deduct from the deposit any sums due by the Lodger to cover the cost of repairing or replacing any broken, damaged or lost items and the expense of making good any failure by the Lodger to fulfil any other conditions of the occupancy agreement.

More Definitions of Lodger

Lodger means a person who obtains, for hire or reward, board or lodging in a lodging house;
Lodger means the person obtaining lodging from an operator.
Lodger means a person contracting with the owner of a dwelling unit for a room or room and board within the dwelling unit personally occupied by the owner, where the owner retains a right of access to all areas of the dwelling unit occupied by the lodger and has overall control of the dwelling unit, as defined in California Civil Code Section 1946.5(c).
Lodger. A person who pays you money to live in your home and does not have any exclusive rights to any parts of it. “Communal area” Any part of the building and communal land that all tenants share or can use including stairs landings paved areas shared gardens and parking areas.
Lodger means a person who utilises lodging services;
Lodger means an individual, living with a Department client, who --¶
Lodger means a tenant who rents a bedroom in a Rental Dwelling Unit, Large.