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Local building department means the agency or agencies of any local governing body charged with
Local building department means the agency or agencies of the governing body of any city, county or town in this Commonwealth charged with the enforcement of the USBC.

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  • Local building department personnel shall examine the permit application within five days and issue the permit if all requirements are met.

  • Local building department personnel shall post or affix such certificates or permit the certificates to be posted or affixed by the private inspector.

  • Local building department personnel are authorized to investigate the accident and to issue an order to cease operation when warranted and to specify the conditions under which the device may resume operation.

  • Building code compliance inspectors include: Florida-registered architects, Florida-registered engineers, and/or building code inspectors who have been certified under the process and requirements of Chapter 468, F.S. Local building department inspectors can also inspect facilities for compliance with requirements of the law, rule, code, and SREF if the local building inspector has been certified by the Office.(2) Threshold Building Inspectors.

  • Administrative chapters.• Local building department issue.• Outside scope of the Commission.• Flooded with permits, at the final inspection, contractors were gone.

  • Local building department personnel enforcing this chapter and private inspectors shall attend periodic maintenance training as designated by DHCD.

  • Ohio has a dual enforcement system: (1) Local building department are certified by the BBS to enforce building codes locally.

  • Appropriate delegation of authority and approval sub-limits are also provided at management level to facilitate operational efficiency.

  • Local board of building code appeals (LBBCA).See Section 119.1. Local building department.

  • The protection of intellectual property in the context of traditional knowledge (TK) and traditional cultural expressions (TCE) was another issue the BPF looked at.

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Local building department means the agency or agencies of a county, city, or town charged

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