Basic Documents Sample Clauses

Basic Documents. Each of the Basic Documents to which the Depositor is a party has been duly authorized by the Depositor and when duly executed and delivered in accordance with its terms by each of the parties thereto, will constitute a valid and legally binding agreement of the Depositor enforceable against the Depositor in accordance with its terms, subject to the Enforceability Exceptions.

Basic Documents. The Indenture Trustee is hereby authorized to execute and deliver the Servicing Agreement and to execute and deliver any other Basic Document that it is requested to acknowledge, including, upon receipt of an Issuer Request, the Intercreditor Agreement, so long as the Intercreditor Agreement is substantially in the form of the Intercreditor Agreement dated as of the Closing Date and does not materially and adversely affect any Holder’s rights in and to any Securitization Bond Collateral or otherwise hereunder. Such request shall be accompanied by an Opinion of Counsel of external counsel of the Issuer, upon which the Indenture Trustee may rely conclusively with no duty of independent investigation or inquiry, to the effect that all conditions precedent for the execution of the Intercreditor Agreement have been satisfied. The Intercreditor Agreement shall be binding on the Holders.

Basic Documents. The Indenture Trustee is hereby authorized to execute and deliver the Servicing Agreement and to execute and deliver any other Basic Document which it is requested to acknowledge.

Basic Documents. With respect to the Basic Documents:

Basic Documents. The Leases and all other material contracts and agreements, licenses, permits and easements, rights-of-way and other rights-of-surface use comprising any part of or otherwise relating to the Properties (such leases and such material contracts, agreements, licenses, permits, easements, rights-of-way and other rights-of-surface use being herein called the "Basic Documents"), are in all material respects in full force and effect and constitute valid and binding obligations of the parties thereto. Seller is not in breach or default (and no situation exists which with the passing of time or giving of notice would create a breach or default) of its obligations under the Basic Documents; provided that Seller makes no representation or warranty in this Agreement regarding the status of or compliance with maintenance of uniform interest provisions in any Basic Document. To the best of Seller's Knowledge, no breach or default by any third party (or situation which with the passage of time or giving of notice would create a breach or default) exists, to the extent such breach or default (whether by Seller or such a third party) could reasonably be expected to materially adversely affect the ownership, operation, value or use of any Property after the Effective Time. To the best of Seller’s Knowledge, all payments (including all delay rentals, royalties, shut-in royalties and valid calls for payment or prepayment under operating agreements) owing under the Basic Documents have been and are being made (timely, and before the same became delinquent) by the respective third party operator of the Properties. Schedule 5.16 is a list of all material contracts and agreements to which any of the Properties are bound, including (a) joint operating agreements, (b) agreements with any Affiliate of Seller, (c) any production sales contracts, (d) any agreement of Seller to sell, lease, farmout or otherwise dispose of any of its interests in the Properties other than conventional rights of reassignment, (e) gas balancing agreements, (f) exploration agreements, (g) pooling, unitization or communitization agreement, (h) area of mutual interest agreements and (i) agreements containing seismic licenses, permits and other rights to geological or geophysical data and information directly or indirectly relating to the Properties.

Basic Documents. Each of the Purchasers, the Transferor, the Seller, Bridgecrest, the Collateral Custodian and the Performance Guarantor, as the case may be, shall have executed and delivered each of the Basic Documents to which it is a party, and shall have executed and/or delivered each other document and instrument required to be executed and/or delivered by such party on or about the Original Execution Date or the date hereof, as applicable, prior to the effectiveness hereof or thereof, hereunder or thereunder. (b) (c) Documents to be Delivered by the Transferor.

Basic Documents. Each of the parties hereto acknowledges and agrees that until the Final Scheduled Payment Date it shall comply with its obligations under the Basic Documents to which it is a party and not (a) violate the terms of any Basic Document to which it is a party or (b) amend, supplement or modify any Basic Document to which it is a party without the prior written consent of the Noteholders representing a majority of the outstanding Note Balance of the Controlling Class except where such amendment, supplement or modification could not reasonably be expected to have an adverse effect on the Noteholders.

Basic Documents. Each of the representations and warranties of the Administrator contained in the Basic Documents is true and correct in all material respects and the Administrator hereby makes each such representation and warranty to, and for the benefit of, the Note Insurer as if the same were set forth in full herein.

Basic Documents. Each party hereto (other than such Purchaser) shall, at or before the Closing Time, execute and deliver to each other applicable party hereto each Transaction Document to which it is to be a party, as contemplated hereby. SECTION 7. TRANSFER OF NEW EQUITY SECURITIES

Basic Documents. To Concho Holdings’ knowledge: