Key Officials definition

Key Officials means UOD individuals who, due to their leadership position, their authority to make important decisions, their fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the Institution, their activities as membership on Institutional Committees, and their position as role models for the Institution. SuchIndividuals have significant influence on other Institutional members. Examples of Key Officials include, but not limited to: the UOD President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Chairs, Program Directors, senior administrative & professional staff, and Institutional committee members.

Examples of Key Officials in a sentence

  • Prior to approval or disapproval, Key Official requests shall be sub- mitted to the appropriate Official-in- charge of the Headquarters Office or to the Director of the appropriate Field or Component Installation, who shall add a recommendation and forward the re- quest through the General Counsel to the Associate Administrator.(2) Employees other than Key Officials.

  • The appropriate Official-in-Charge of a Headquarters Office, or the Director of a Field or Component Installation, or a person designated to act for the Direc- tor, has authority to approve requests for approval of outside employment submitted by employees other than NASA Key Officials.

  • Appraisal Mission would use a range of methodologies including Visits to field locations, Participatory Assessments, High Level Meetings and Discussions with Key Officials and State Level Multi- stakeholder Workshop(s) to review and refine SPIP.

  • List the names and contact information of Key Officials of each organization responsible for administration and implementation of the agreement.

  • The Headquarters Associate Administrator for Human Resources and Education has authority to approve requests for approval of outside employment submitted by NASA Key Officials.

  • Under Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Other Key Officials and field facility heads are authorized to administer the provisions of this notice for employees under their respective jurisdictions, including the approval of temporary exceptions on a limited basis in emergency situations to onboard new employees prior to individuals becoming fully vaccinated when there is a mission-critical hiring need.

  • The Key Officials should generally be the party primarily responsible for maintaining the Partnership.

  • Key Officials play a very important role in ensuring smooth implementation of Friends Group Agreements.

  • List of Key Officials, Office Locations and Telephone Numbers Page 29D.

  • The authority to approve exceptions has been delegated to Under Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, Other Key Officials, and field facility heads.

Related to Key Officials

  • Match Officials means the referee, the assistant referees and any fourth official appointed to a Competition Match.

  • Officials means the director(s) of the Company and other persons nominated by the Company;

  • Team Official means any person involved with the management, preparation or participation of a team (whether paid or unpaid), including the coaches, managers, medical staff, other support staff or any other person acting for or on behalf of a Club;

  • City Official means any elected official, employee, appointee to a board or commission, or citizen volunteer authorized to act on behalf of the City of Portland, Oregon.

  • police official means any member of the South African Police Service or a municipal police service appointed in terms of the South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act No. 68 of 1995);

  • Government Official means any officer or employee of a Governmental Authority or any department, agency or instrumentality thereof, including state-owned entities, or of a public organization or any person acting in an official capacity for or on behalf of any such government, department, agency, or instrumentality or on behalf of any such public organization.

  • Management Official means an individual employed by an agency in a position the duties and responsibilities of which require or authorize the individual to formulate, determine, or influence the policies of the agency;

  • SEF Official means any Director or Officer of, or individual employed directly by, BSEF, the Regulatory Services Provider or any individual rendering similar services to BSEF under an administrative or similar agreement.

  • Foreign Official means any officer or employee of a non-U.S. government or any department, agency, or instrumentality thereof, or of a public international organization, or any person acting in an official capacity for or on behalf of any such government or department, agency, or instrumentality, or for or on behalf of any such public international organization.

  • competent official means a person appointed by the Minister for the execution of this Act;

  • Selection Official means the DOE official designated to select Applications for negotiation toward Award under a subject Funding Opportunity Announcement.

  • Election official means any election officer, election judge, or poll worker.

  • Building Official means a construction code enforcement person working as an inspector, or plan reviewer, or actively engaged in the administration and enforcement of adopted building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing codes, or any combination of these codes.

  • Official Gazette means the Official Gazette of the Government;

  • Official Plan means the Official Plan adopted for the Township, as amended and approved;

  • Deciding Official means the person chosen by the protestor to decide the agency protest; it may be either the Contracting Officer or the Agency Protest Official.

  • Code Official means the local building official as authorized under IC 36-7-2-9 and local ordinance.

  • Public officials means business managers; human resource directors; athletic directors whose duties include at least 50 percent of their time spent in administration, personnel, supervision, and evaluation; chief financial officers; directors; and individuals defined as superintendents and principals.

  • FATF means the Financial Action Task Force;

  • Designated Official The agent authorized to act for the Agency.

  • Enforcement Official means the Director of Public Works or his or her designee.

  • Campaigning – means any activity by or on behalf of a candidate, registered third party advertiser, political party or question on a ballot meant to elicit support during the election period. Campaigning does not include the appearance of elected officials, other candidates or registered third party advertisers at an event in their personal capacity without the display of any signage or graphic which identifies the individual as a candidate or registered third party advertiser(s) and without the solicitation of votes.

  • Agency official means any member, officer, employee or consultant of any state agency who as part of his official responsibilities participates in any administrative action in other than a purely clerical, secretarial or ministerial capacity.

  • Chief Building Official means the Chief Building Official appointed by By-law of The Corporation of the Town of Bracebridge for the purposes of enforcement of the Act.

  • State official means a person who holds a state office.

  • Gifts means, for purposes of this Policy, money, advances, personal services, gratuities, loans, extensions of credit, forgiveness of debts, memberships, subscriptions, travel, meals, charitable donations, refreshments, hospitality, promises, discounts or forbearance that are not generally available to members of the public. A Gift need not be intended to influence or reward an Employee.