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IO Components. The Class A-8 IO Component and the Class A-9 IO Component.
IO Components. The Class 1-X-IO and Class 2-X-IO Components. Lehman: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
IO Components. The Scheduled IO Component and WAC IO Component.

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  • Section 2, Overview of VISA I/O Components and Installation Specification, provides an overview of this specification, including the objectives, scope and organization, application, references, definition of terms and acronyms, and conventions.

  • It handles bidirectional data copying between I/O Components and all other targets – EtherCAT Slave Controller memory, ARM L2 Cache and Custom Components.

  • Interest with respect to each Component will accrue during each month in an amount equal to the product of (i) 1/12th of the Component Rate for such Component and (ii) the outstanding Principal Balance in the case of the Class A-8 Accrual Component or the applicable outstanding notional amount in the case of the Class A-8A IO, Class A-8B IO, Class A-8C IO and Class A-8D IO Components.

  • Network -Attached StorageLocal File Systems, Network File System and File Servers, Benefits of NAS, NAS file I/O, Components of NAS, NAS Implementations, NAS File sharing Protocols, NAS I/O operations, Factors affecting NAS Performance.Case Study: Direct Access File System, Shared Disk File SystemComparison: NAS Fibre Channel SAN and iSCSI SAN (6)6.

  • URS Corporation’s 2003 Annual Report contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties.

  • The Class 1-CB-PO Component, Class 2-CB-PO Component and Class 3-CB-PO Component (the "Class CB-PO Components" or "PO Components"), the Class 1-CB-IO Component, Class 2-CB-IO Component and Class 3-CB-IO Component (the "Class CB-IO Components" or "IO Components" and, collectively with the PO Components, the "Components") shall also constitute "regular interests" in the Upper-Tier REMIC.

  • The Class 1-PO Component and Class 2-PO Component (the "PO Components"), the Class 1-IO Component and Class 2-IO Component (the "IO Components" and together with the PO Components, the "Components") shall also constitute "regular interests" in the Upper-Tier REMIC.

  • Figure 12 plots banks’ secured loan portfolio collateralized by traded securities against the income generated via underwriting activities each year from 1868 until 1878.

  • The Class 1-A-PO Component, Class 3-A-PO Component and Class 4-A-PO Component (the "Class A-PO Components" or "PO Components"), the Class 1-CB-IO Component and Class 2-CB-IO Component (the "Class CB-IO Components"), and the Class 3-15-IO Component and Class 4-15-IO Component (the "Class 15-IO Components" and together with the Class CB-IO Components, the "IO Components" and collectively with the PO Components, the "Components") shall also constitute "regular interests" in the Upper-Tier REMIC.

  • Local File Systems, Network File System and File Servers, Benefits of NAS, NAS file I/O, Components of NAS, NAS Implementations, NAS File sharing Protocols, NAS I/O operations, Factors affecting NAS Performance.

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IO Components. The Class 4-S-IO, Class 5-S-IO and Class 8-S-IO Components.
IO Components. Collectively, the IO-1 Component, the IO-2 Component, the ------------- IO-3 Component, and the IO-4 Component.
IO Components. The Class 2-X-IO and Class 3-X-IO Components.
IO Components. The Class 1-30-IO and Class 2-30-IO Components.

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  • Components means articles, materials, and supplies incorporated directly into end products at any level of manufacture, fabrication, or assembly by the Contractor or any subcontractor.

  • Removed Components means components of the Project or portions thereof which the Company or any Sponsor Affiliate in its sole discretion, elects to remove from the Project pursuant to Section 4.04 hereof or as a result of any Condemnation Event.

  • Bearing components means the bearing element, retainer, inner race, or outer race.

  • Structural components means liners, leachate collection systems, final covers, run-on/run-off systems, and any other component used in the construction and operation of the MSWLF that is necessary for protection of human health and the environment.

  • Original component manufacturer means an organization that designs and/or engineers a part and is entitled to any intellectual property rights to that part.

  • Certified components means components of X-ray systems which are subject to regulations promulgated under Public Law 90-602, the “Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968,” the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Activated reserve components means members of the reserve component of the uniformed services who have received a notice of intent to deploy or mobilize under Title 10 of the United States Code, Title 32 of the United States Code, or state mobilization to active duty.

  • Class X-A Components The Class A-1 Component, Class A-2 Component, Class A-3 Component, Class A-4 Component, Class A-AB Component and Class A-S Component, each of which constitutes a separate class of “regular interests”, within the meaning of Code Section 860G(a)(1), in the Upper-Tier REMIC with a pass-through rate equal to its Class X Strip Rate from time to time and a notional amount equal to its Component Notional Amount from time to time.

  • Open-Source Components means any software component that is subject to any open-source copyright license agreement, including any GNU General Public License or GNU Library or Lesser Public License, or other obligation, restriction or license agreement that substantially conforms to the Open Source Definition as prescribed by the Open Source Initiative or otherwise may require disclosure or licensing to any third party of any source code with which such software component is used or compiled.

  • Third Party Components means software and interfaces, licensed by RIM from a third party for incorporation into a RIM software product, or for incorporation into firmware in the case of RIM hardware products, and distributed as an integral part of that RIM product under a RIM brand, but shall not include Third Party Software.

  • Blood component means that part of blood separated by physical or mechanical means.

  • Accrual Components As specified in the Preliminary Statement.

  • Manufacturing site means the facilities where a Compound is Manufactured by or on behalf of a Party, as such Manufacturing Site may change from time to time in accordance with Section 8.7.

  • Structural component means a component that supports non-variable forces or weights (dead loads) and variable forces or weights (live loads).

  • Basket Component means each of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund, iShares MSCI EAFE Index Fund, and iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund.

  • Fluoroscopic imaging assembly means a subsystem in which X-ray photons produce a visual image. It includes the image receptor(s) such as the image intensifier and spot-film device, electrical interlocks, if any, and structural material providing linkage between the image receptor and diagnostic source assembly.

  • MSAA Indicator Technical Specifications document means, as the context requires, either or both of the document entitled “Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA) 2019-20 Indicator Technical Specifications November 5, 2018 Version 1.3” and the document entitled “Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA) 2019-20 Target and Corridor-Setting Guidelines” as they may be amended or replaced from time to time;

  • Drug Substance means an active ingredient that is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or to affect the structure or any function of the human body, but does not include intermediates used in the synthesis of such ingredient.

  • Biological Samples means any physical samples obtained from Study Participants in accordance with the Protocol for the purposes of the Study.

  • One-component coating means a coating that is ready for application as it comes out of its container to form an acceptable dry film. A thinner, necessary to reduce the viscosity, is not considered a component.

  • Accelerator-produced material means any material made radioactive by a particle accelerator.

  • Assay means a laboratory analysis of Crude Petroleum to include the following: A.P.I. Gravity, Reid vapor pressure, composition, pour point, water and sediment content, sulfur content, viscosity, distillation, hydrogen sulfide, flash/boiling point and other characteristics as may be required by Carrier.

  • Diagnostic source assembly means the tube housing assembly with a beam-limiting device attached.

  • Combination Products means any product containing both a pharmaceutically active agent or ingredient which constitutes a Licensed Product and one or more other pharmaceutically active agents or ingredients which do not constitute Licensed Products.

  • Analytical x-ray equipment means equipment used for x-ray diffraction or fluorescence analysis.

  • Replacement Product means electric generating capacity, capacity-related benefits, environmental attributes, Energy or other electric products from a generation resource other than the Facility that are provided or delivered to replace or substitute for Contract Capacity or Storage Capacity (or any Capacity-Related Benefit, Environmental Attribute, Other Electric Product, Contract Energy, or Storage Energy associated therewith), in each case, in whole or in part, pursuant to Section 4.6.