Invented definition

Invented means made, conceived, invented, authored, or first actually reduced to practice (in any case, whether partially or fully).

Examples of Invented in a sentence

  • Invented computational procedures of students in a standards-based curriculum.

  • IBM Invented Methods For Presenting Applications And Advertisements In An Interactive Service While Developing The PRODIGY Online Service.

  • IBM Invented Methods For A Runtime User Account Creation Operation Using A Single-Sign-On Process In A Federated Computer Environment.

  • See Noe¨ l Carroll, “Medium Specificity Arguments and the Self-Consciously Invented Arts: Film, Video, and Photography,” in Theorizing the Moving Image (Cambridge University Press, 1996): 3–25, and “Forget the Medium!” in Engaging the Moving Image (Yale University Press, 2003): 1–9.

  • Invented nameInvented name written in Bulgarian language to appear on the outer packaging.

More Definitions of Invented

Invented means invented, developed, generated, discovered, conceived, reduced to practice, created, or otherwise made (with a correlative meaning for “Invention”).
Invented means (a) with respect to patentable Technology, to invent or discover, as such terms are used in 35 U.S.C. § 101 and (b) with respect to non-patentable Technology, to discover, make or otherwise develop.
Invented means conceived, discovered, made or reduced to practice as would be necessary to establish inventorship under United States patent law (regardless of where the applicable activities occurred). Each accounting term used herein that is not specifically defined herein shall have the meaning given to it under GAAP, but only to the extent consistent with its usage and the other definitions in this Agreement.
Invented means made, developed, invented, conceived and/or reduced to practice.
Invented means with respect to a Representative of a Party, that in the case of a Patent Right in any jurisdiction, such Representative is an Inventor” (applying the definition of such term under the patent law of the jurisdiction governing the employment or retention of such Representative by the relevant Party) of the inventions claimed in such Patent Right. In order to determine the date when a Patent Right has been invented by a Representative of a Party, the following procedures shall apply: (a) the Party who has employed or retained such Representative shall identify the law governing the employment or retention of such Party; and (b) the date on which such Representative is considered to have invented the invention shall be determined under the patent law of the jurisdiction governing the employment or retention of such Representative by the relevant Party. In the event that a Patent Right is considered “Invented” on more than one date, the earliest date shall apply.
Invented means made, conceived, created, discovered, invented, authored, first actually reduced to practice, or otherwise developed, whether solely or jointly with a third party.