Initial Indications definition

Initial Indications means all indications approved for [***] in the EU countries of the Territory at the Effective Date and excluding any Additional Indications.
Initial Indications means the Oncology Indications and the Renal Indications.
Initial Indications means all gastroenterology indications, including but not limited to, Constipation and C-IBS for the Product.

Examples of Initial Indications in a sentence

  • The Research Program is directed to: (i) the Research by Company of Cue Biologics up to Proof of Mechanism for each of the Initial Indications; and, subject to Section 2.2.2; (ii) the further Research and/or Development by Merck of Proposed Product Candidates.

  • Local Gov’t Code 171.002A person has a substantial interest in real property if the interest is an equitable or legal ownership with a fair market value of $2,500 or more.

  • In addition, the JCC shall set the number of sales representatives and product positioning for the Products for the Initial Indications and, if applicable, Additional Indications and/or New Formulations in the Initial Territory.

  • The Investigation Team, the Board of Commissioners, or the President Director shall conduct an initial investigation on the Initial Indications of the report.

  • All decisions made are subject to a satisfactory Police Vetting Report.

More Definitions of Initial Indications

Initial Indications means (a) 3rd line colorectal cancer, (b) 3rd line non-small cell lung cancer and (c) 2nd line advanced gastric cancer. Each of the Initial Indications shall be an “Initial Indication” hereunder.
Initial Indications means [***]
Initial Indications means, with respect to (a) the MicroLine Product, presbyopia; (b) the MicroPine Product, myopia; and (c) the MicroStat Product, mydriasis.
Initial Indications means ADA-SCID and MPS-IIIA;
Initial Indications means the indications set out in the initial Development Plan attached hereto as Schedule 3.2.1.
Initial Indications means each of the following Indications: (i) induction and maintenance in ulcerative colitis (or similar Indication solely related to inflammatory bowel disease (“IBD”)), (ii) induction and maintenance in Crohn’s Disease (or similar Indication solely related to IBD), and (iii) any other Indication for which a Development Plan is attached to this Agreement as of the Effective Date.
Initial Indications means RA and SLE.