Industrial firm definition

Industrial firm means any corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, partnership, person, or other legal entity, whether domestic or foreign, which will itself or through its subsidiaries and affiliates construct and develop a manufacturing, processing, assembling, or other approved facility on the site of an industrial development project financed pursuant to this section;

Examples of Industrial firm in a sentence

  • Please indicate recent major achievements of In-house R&D unit of the Industrial firm in development of new products/processes, indigenous development of capital goods, absorption, adaptation and up gradation of the imported technology, if any.

  • Brief history of the Institution / Industrial firm including products being made, capacities, related collaborations, achievements, R&D capabilities, etc.

  • Incurred whilst travelling in an aircraft other than as a ticket holding passenger in a fully licensed standard type of civil aircraft operated by a recognized airlines on a regular route or in a fully licensed standard type of civil aircraft having two or more engines operated by a recognized Air Charter Company or owned by a Commercial or Industrial firm and piloted by a Pilot holding a Commercial Pilot’s License.

  • Industrial firm customers served on the Company’s Rate Schedules 3, 31, and 32.

  • Industrial firm that are yet to discover the benefit of personal selling.

  • Voting in favor of the proposal: Kari KilroyDr. Robert BuxC.J. Moore Opposing the proposal:Amy Lathen Sallie Clark Helen CollinsVictoria Broerman Sharon BrownDr. James TerbushMOTION WAS REJECTED Finance and BudgetElaine Johnsen presented review of the preliminary budget for 2014.

  • Pursuant to Civil Code 5980, subdivision (b), an HOA “has standing to institute, defend, settle, or intervene in litigation, arbitration, mediation, or administrative proceedings in its own name as the real party in interest and without joining with it the members, in matters pertaining to the following: [¶] .

  • It is calculated separately for Newfoundland Power firm sales and Industrial firm sales, in accordance with the following formula: (I – J) x {(D ÷ C) – K}Where: C = Test Year Cost of Service Holyrood Net Conversion Factor (kWh /bbl.) D = Monthly Test Year Cost of Service No. 6 Fuel Cost ($Can /bbl.)SCHEDULE A Order No. P.

  • Industrial firm debt typically is the range between 35% and 50% of overall firm value, while for banks debt typically is around 90% of total assets.77 Debtor-creditor conflict is potentially more serious as the level of debt increases.

  • The project off-take type includes whether the project off-taker is Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), Co-operative, Commer- cial and Industrial firm, Federal Power Authority, Government Agency, Investor Owner Utility, Municipality, or a Power Marketer.

Related to Industrial firm

  • Industrial furnace means any of the following enclosed devices that are integral components of manufacturing processes and that use thermal treatment to accomplish recovery of materials or energy:

  • Industrial hemp means a plant of the genus Cannabis and any part of the plant, whether growing or not, containing a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of no more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis.

  • Industrial Services means service to customers engaged primarily in a process which creates or changes raw or unfinished materials into another form or product including the generation of electric power.

  • commercial fishing means to take, harvest, hold, transport, or off-load marine species for sale or intended sale (R.I. Gen. Laws § 20-1-3).

  • Industrial radiography means an examination of the structure of materials by the nondestructive method of utilizing ionizing radiation to make radiographic images.

  • Biotechnology means any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.

  • Industrial building means a building used for or in connection with,

  • Modern biotechnology means the application of:

  • Industrial facility means any nongovernmental or non- residential facility that is used for activities such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing, transportation, commu- nications, or providing services including electric, gas, and sani- tary services.

  • Cosmetology means any one and/or combination of practices generally and usually performed by and known as the occupation of beauty culturalist, cosmeticians, cosmetologists or hairdressers or any person holding him or herself out as practicing cosmetology in or upon a place or premises. Cosmetology shall include, but otherwise not be limited to, the following: embellishing, arranging, dressing, curling, waving, cleansing, beautifying, cutting, singeing, bleaching, coloring, or similar work upon the hair of any person by any means and with hands or mechanical or electrical apparatuses, devices or appliances or by use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, creams or otherwise, massaging, cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exercising, beautifying or similar work, the scalp, face, neck, arms, hands, bust or upper part of the body, or manicuring, pedicuring or sculpting the nails of any person.

  • Radiologic technologist, limited means an individual, other than a licensed radiologic technologist,

  • Industrial means lands, buildings or structures used or designed or intended for use for manufacturing, processing, fabricating or assembly of raw goods, warehousing or bulk storage of goods, and includes office uses and the sale of commodities to the general public where such uses are accessory to an industrial use, but does not include the sale of commodities to the general public through a warehouse club;

  • Commercial Fishing Worker means Commercial fishing worker as defined in Section 420.503, F.S.

  • existing industrial building means a building used for or in connection with,

  • industrial effluent means any liquid, whether or not containing matter in solution or suspension, which is emitted in the course of or as a result of any trade or industrial operation, including a mining operation, and includes any liquid besides soil water or waste water or stormwater;

  • Catechumen means a member of the catechumenate of a Catholic Church. This will normally be evidenced by a certificate of reception into the order of catechumens.

  • Information Technology (IT means data processing, telecommunications, and office systems technologies and services:

  • industrial research means the planned research or critical investigation aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge and skills for developing new products, processes or services or for bringing about a significant improvement in existing products, processes or services. It comprises the creation of components parts of complex systems, and may include the construction of prototypes in a laboratory environment or in an environment with simulated interfaces to existing systems as well as of pilot lines, when necessary for the industrial research and notably for generic technology validation;

  • Industrial User means a nondomestic discharger, as identified in 40 CFR Part 403, introducing pollutants to a POTW.

  • Radiologic technologist means an individual, other than a licensed doctor of medicine, osteopathy,

  • Significant Industrial User (SIU) means any industrial user that:

  • industrial dispute means any dispute or difference between employers and employers, or between employers and workmen, or between workmen and workmen, which is connected with the employment or non-employment or the terms of employment or with the conditions of labour, of any person;

  • Public works and “Building Services” - Definitions

  • Assistive technology means the devices, aids, controls, supplies, or appliances described in OAR 411-300-0150 that are purchased to provide support for a child and replace the need for direct interventions to enable self-direction of care and maximize independence of the child.

  • Physical therapy licensing board or "licensing board" means the agency of a state that is responsible for the licensing and regulation of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

  • Industrial wastes means the liquid wastes from industrial manufacturing processes, trade, or business as distinct from sanitary sewage.