Indemnity Amount definition

Indemnity Amount means the amount of any indemnification obligation payable under the Basic Documents.
Indemnity Amount means the maximum amount of Partnership Recourse Liabilities as to which an Indemnitor Partner (or a person related to an Indemnitor Partner within the meaning of Section 1.752-4(b) of the Treasury Regulations) has agreed to bear the economic risk of loss (within the meaning of Section 1.752-2 of the Treasury Regulations) through an Indemnity Agreement.
Indemnity Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 7.9.

Examples of Indemnity Amount in a sentence

  • However, for the residual disability of upper limbs (arms and hands) or lower limbs (legs and feet) as described in 7, 8, and 9 of Schedule II, the maximum amount payable by us for indemnity for residual disability will be limited to 60% of the Indemnity Amount for each limb.

  • If, however, the indemnity for residual disability has already been paid to the said traveler, we will pay the balance remaining after deducting such indemnity paid from the Indemnity Amount due.

  • In the event the Purchaser suffers an Indemnifiable Loss and is entitled to payment of an Indemnity Amount, the Seller and Purchaser shall give a joint written notice to the Escrow Agent directing that a combination of cash and Common Stock (valued at the Share Value) equal to the Indemnity Amount be disbursed from the Escrow Account and on receipt of such joint instructions, the Escrow Agent shall so disburse such Indemnity Amount.

  • The cash deposit with The Bank of England has been reduced commensurate with the amounts claimed under the Capped Indemnity such that the cash deposit amount is equal to the Unutilised Indemnity Amount (plus accrued interest).

  • The Unutilised Indemnity Amount is treated as a Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) deduction for NAB.

More Definitions of Indemnity Amount

Indemnity Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 6.5.
Indemnity Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 3(a)(1).
Indemnity Amount is defined in Section 5.04(a)(ii).
Indemnity Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 7.07.
Indemnity Amount shall have the meaning given to that term in Subparagraph 3.02(g) of the Purchase Agreement.
Indemnity Amount means on any date, the amount required to be paid by any Grantors to any Collateral Agent or any other Secured Party on such date pursuant to any indemnity provision contained in the ABL Documents or the Term Documents, as the case may be.
Indemnity Amount means any amounts payable by the Issuer pursuant to Section 6.07(b).