Definition of Incremental Lenders

Incremental Lenders means the Incremental Revolving Credit Lenders and the Incremental Term Lenders.
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Examples of Incremental Lenders in a sentence

The Borrower may also specify any fees offered to those Lenders (the Incremental Lenders), including additional lenders invited subject to clause (c) below, that agree to increase the principal amount of their Term Loans and/or Revolving Credit Commitments and/or provide Commitments under any Incremental Increase, which fees may be variable based upon the amount of the Incremental Credit Extension provided by any such Lender.
All Incremental Loan Commitments shall be documented solely as an increase to the Revolving Credit Commitments and all Incremental Loans shall be identical to all Revolving Loans, other than in respect of any arrangement, commitment or upfront fees payable to any Incremental Lenders or any arranger appointed in connection therewith in connection with such increase to the Revolving Credit Commitments on or prior to the Increased Amount Date in respect thereof.
Unless the context otherwise requires, the term "Lenders" includes the Swingline Lenders and the Additional Incremental Lenders.
Incremental Lenders shall mean the persons listed on Schedule 1 hereto (other than any such person that has ceased to be a party hereto pursuant to an Assignment and Acceptance in accordance with Section 9.04 of the Credit Agreement), as well as any person that becomes an Incremental Lender hereunder pursuant to Section 9.04 of the Credit Agreement.
The Administrative Agent shall promptly notify each Lender as to the effectiveness of each Incremental Commitment Agreement and, at such time, Schedule 1.01(a) shall be deemed modified to reflect the Incremental Commitments of such Incremental Lenders.