Impound yard definition

Impound yard means a designated area used to collect and contain motor vehicles. A
Impound yard means a designated area used to collect and contain motor vehicles. A commercial impound yard is usually licensed by Washington State Patrol and associated with an auto towing operation.
Impound yard means an area used for storing vehicles and out of which a single tow company operates.

Examples of Impound yard in a sentence

  • Temporary Impound yard was used over New Years Eve and created good template for future special events parking enforcement.

  • At the conclusion of the exploratory period, each student selects their program of choice; as well as second through seventh choices from the explored shops.

  • When a vehicle is to be delivered to the City Impound yard or an SDPD Divisional substation, the LTP will follow the impounding officer or City employee to the destination.

  • The non-mangrove specie Buttonwood (Conocarpus erecta) is associated with mangrove habitats.

  • The plan set will be developed for the project to include improvements to the East Bay Street drainage system bounded approximately by North Lake Avenue on the east and the City of Lakeland Police Impound yard on the west and including any modifications proposed to the existing FDOT ponds as well as the existing City-owned ponds south of East Bay Street.

  • The Contractor shall maintain insurance in the amount of five hundred thousand Dollar ($500,000.00) level limit policy for property damage and bodily injury while in process of pick up, towing and placing towed vehicles within Contractor’s Impound yard.

  • The orders are effective from today's date and are enforceable without the need for entry and filing.

  • On July 23, 2015, the reconstructionist examined the remains of the crashed limousine at the Suffolk County Police Impound yard in Westhampton.

  • Impound yard signage and business signage to only be placed at the site after review and approval of such signage by the Price City Planning Department finding that properly reviewed and approved signage promotes consistency in signage in the community and improved the commercial viability of businesses;6.

  • Impound yard cameras were ordered, received, and just need to be mounted and configured.9.3. Website ProjectNew website is on schedule to be implemented on January 18, 2023.

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  • Impound means to abate a radiological hazard. Actions which may be taken by the Department in impounding a source of radiation include seizing the source of radiation, controlling access to an area, and preventing a radiation machine from being utilized.

  • Reserve Fund Initial Deposit means the initial deposit of cash in the amount of $3,846,153.85 made by or on behalf of the Seller into the Reserve Fund on the Closing Date.

  • Reserve Account Initial Deposit means cash or Eligible Investments having a value of at least $____________.

  • Ground Rent means any rent, additional rent or other charge payable by the tenant under the Ground Lease.

  • Default Management Charge has the meaning given to it in paragraph 6.2 of Framework Schedule 9 (Management Information);

  • Security Deposit means the deposit to be held by the owner as security for the due performance of the contractual obligations.

  • Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.3.1 hereof.

  • Security Deposits shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.17(e) hereof.

  • Operating Account means a demand deposit account maintained at the Funding Bank in Borrower's name and designated for funding that portion of each Eligible Loan not funded by a Warehousing Advance made against that Eligible Loan and for returning any excess payment from an Investor for a Pledged Loan or Pledged Security.

  • Xxxxxxx Money Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

  • Initial Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

  • Expense Reserve Account The trust account established pursuant to Section 10.3(d).

  • Reserve Account Withdrawal Amount means, with respect to any Distribution Date, the lesser of (x) any shortfall in the amount of Available Funds available to pay the amounts specified in clauses (i) through (xvii) of Section 5.7(a) (taking into account application of Available Funds to the priority of payments specified in Section 5.7(a) and ignoring any provision hereof which otherwise limits the amounts described in such clauses to the amount of funds available) and (y) the amount on deposit in the Reserve Account on such Distribution Date prior to application of amounts on deposit therein pursuant to Section 5.8.

  • Differential Deposit means data that reflects all transactions that were not reflected in the last previous Full or Differential Deposit, as the case may be. Each Differential Deposit will contain all database transactions since the previous Deposit was completed as of 00:00:00 UTC of each day, but Sunday. Differential Deposits must include complete Escrow Records as specified below that were not included or changed since the most recent full or Differential Deposit (i.e., newly added or modified domain names).

  • Imposition Deposits are defined in Section 7(a).

  • Construction Account means the account by that name established in the FGR Subordinated Indebtedness Fund pursuant to the Second Resolution.

  • Tenant Deposits means all security deposits, prepaid rentals, cleaning fees and other refundable deposits and fees collected from Tenants, plus any interest accrued thereon, paid by Tenants to Seller pursuant to the Leases. Tenant Deposits shall not include any non-refundable deposits or fees paid by Tenants to Seller, either pursuant to the Leases or otherwise.

  • FF&E Reserve Account shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.3 hereof.

  • Reserve Account Property shall have the meaning specified in Section 4.7(a) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement.

  • Cash Reserve Account means an Eligible Deposit Account established in the name of the Trust and designated as the Cash Reserve Account for the purposes hereof, the balance of which shall be subject to the control of the Trust for the benefit of the Trust and the Seller and applied in accordance with the terms hereof, which account shall bear interest and shall initially be account number [*], maintained at [*];

  • Share Premium Account means the share premium account established in accordance with these Articles and the Companies Act.

  • Additional Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.2.

  • Adjustment Escrow Account means the escrow account established pursuant to the Escrow Agreement in respect of the Adjustment Escrow Amount.

  • Original Pre-Funded Amount The amount deposited by the Depositor in the Pre-Funding Account on the Closing Date, which amount is $36,215,225.

  • Full Deposit will consist of data that reflects the state of the registry as of 00:00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the day that such Full Deposit is submitted to Escrow Agent.

  • Security Deposit Account has the meaning given in Section 5.1.